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Communication Scenario

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Week One Individual Assessment Assignment

I am presented with three scenarios, where each scenario will ask me to select the appropriate channels of communication for each situation. Each scenario is to be also evaluated and each of the questions is to be answered in each scenario.

Scenario I

In this scenario I am a marketing manager for a new beverage that has done extremely well in the United States. After its introduction, especially in sports arenas, such as football, and basketball. Vice President of operation selected me and my team to develop a strategy to enter this beverage into the global market. This task is to be taken back to my team, and I am to provide them with details of the product. I am to get the team started as quick as possible because there is only one week to develop this strategy. The questions that follows is to be presented in this scenario are as follow:

* What are the communication channels that are to be used?

* Why is this best choice in this situation?

* What communication channels will be used to convey the strategy to The Vice President of Operations?

* Why is this the best choice in this situation

In scenario one, I am to provide details of the product to my team, and develop a strategy to introduce a new beverage into the global market. The face-to-face conversations will provide me with immediate feedback which will give my team a personal touch of my presence, which will also help motivate the team and improve his or her participation. There will not be any room for misinterpretations because I will be transmitting the information to my team, for this project. The face-to-face conversations channel of communication is very straight forward in making routines, and there in not any room fop manipulation (Robbins & Judge, 2011," p."346). this information will be favorable to the recipient.

This is a downward communication meeting, which will be my way of communicating to the team information for our product project. I will transmit this information in a way as not to overload the team with too much data. The productivity is already high, because there is only one week to produce this beverage into the global market. E-mail is to communicate the team's strategy back to the Vice President of Operations. Computer generated e-mail will be used which will provide the documentations as long as there is time storage it can be transmitted. To the Vice President of Operations and all team members all at the same time Robbins and Judge, (2011). This will also be cost- effective and can be read over at everyone convenience. E-mail is of low channel richness and also has a non-routine nature complexity. This is an upper communication to upper management, but this method of communication is very adequate medium (Robbins & Judge, 2011, "p." 345). this medium will provide for the Vice President to forward this same e-mail to anyone who may need this information. This was to present the successful implementation of the new beverage to the worldwide global market (Robbins & Judge, "p." 351) .

Scenario II

The following question will be answered in the following scenario II ? What communication channels will be used to contact IT department?

* What communication channels do you use to contact IT department?

* Why is this channel the best choice in this situation?

* What communication channel will you use to inform your employees about what happened and provide them with the new login name and password?

* Why is this channeling the best choice tin this situation?

I am a manager at a travel agency and employs 11 employees,, I have just been informed that the company's login and password has expired and no longer works. I used the phone to contact the offsite IT department, this method was direct and very fast with instant feedback and was best suitable for the problem. The wheel network was used, where I will be the conduit between my company, and IT.



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