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Community Service

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I finally finished my community service. Community service to me means making everything better for me and you. I think community service should be required for high school students to graduate. Mainly because we should give back to our community, it establishes friendships, and lastly experience.

To start off with, we should give back to our community. If we don't start helping our community, we are deriving ourselves of clean resources. Wake up and smell the flowers because without clean air water and natural resources people would get sick. If we help give back we learn responsibility for our actions and not to litter. We also don't want to do something that isn't required or have to do. If community service was required than kids or adults would learn to work together and be more active. Ashley my neighbor said "giving back to the community really shows you care".

In addition, we all need friends. Friends help figure out who you are. With community service you meet new people that help define who you are and you become skilled to work together and to work solo. New friends' help you learn the essential social skills to communicate with others. Community service is a billion times easier with friends than working along because you are motivated to do superior and astonish your new friends by what you can do. Three out of four people on my street said that community service with friends helped them figure out what they wanted to do in life.

Last but not least, experience. With it, you get a jump start on what you want to do when you grow up. It builds dependability and confidence with others when they look at you application of a job or college. Seven out of ten people on my street also said they rather hire someone with more community service because they are more loyal to the work. People take advantage of the opportunities they are given too. Community service shows you're a dedicated person and the more you go above and beyond the mandatory amount the better it looks for you.

In conclusion, community service should be required for graduating high school! Giving back to the community shows commitment, builds lasting relationships with people and sets-up your job with experience. Without community service no one would care what happened to our planet until the last remaining minutes. So take a stand and call you school o help take a stand with your life and how it will help your life and the rest of everyone else's too! Don't let millions of people get in your way and deprive you of your good ways.



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