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Computers and Information Processing - Computer Information Paper

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Essay Preview: Computers and Information Processing - Computer Information Paper

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Computer Information Paper

Miguel A Aguilu

Computers And Information Processing

Computer Information Paper

Today's information systems are extreme complex, and diverse. Depending on the requirements there are systems with the technologies and features to allow the operator or organization to meet the business requirements. In this document will discuss requirements and the appropriate feature or technologies that can best meet them. Will also discuss system features and how each feature can affect the systems performance and behavior.

As the information systems become more and more complex the accuracy of the data has also grown in importance. To ensure the greatest accuracy in the data input process we need to use the correct technology corresponding to the data source. For example, if our system is processing printed questionnaires the best method to input the data would be with the use of scanner designed to read markings in the questionnaires. Scanners not only can read markings in questionnaires but there are especial scanners in conjunction to OCR (Optic Character Recognition) software, developed to read the special characters at the bottom of bank checks. This technology can also be use to read long print documents, and in a smaller version scanner can be use to read the retail tags with some barcode variations. Assuming the data source is in a printed format many OCR scanners can read at a much faster rate and reliably than humans can read and retype. What if the data source is not in a printed format, for instance some telemarketers will use a human interface devices like mouse and keyboards to record customers answer of a telephone surveys. The use of human interface device allows the telephone survey the flexibility to navigate through the survey.

The number of data inputs are as numerous as data sources format processing and this is also true for data output formats there are as many as applications, requirements or device. If we take a look at Hand-held computers, depending on it features the format they can generate output can range from visual representation to a high quality printed document with the use of a high quality printer or even in an audio format. In most cases hand-held computers will display their data back to he user via their display to allow the user instant access to the data they seek. The sue of printers as an output devices can range from color photographs with the use of a high quality color printer to a resume with a good black and white printer. Although media like memorandums, statistical reports and Company annual reports are best suited for printed formats they may be available in electronic versions in you hand-held computer, or personal computer in the Internet.

We have talk about data input



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