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Criminal Justice Ethice

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Case scenario:

I have a correction officer who has worked for the jail 7 years. He has been a dedicated worker

and is respected by his colleagues. However, as of late he has had several personal issues in his

home life that have caused him stress. He reports to work tired and irritable from the stress in his

home life. An inmate in his charge has been complaining for the most part of the day and directs

his last complaint directly at the officer. The officer responds by telling him to "shut up or else"

several times. However, this did not work and the officer lost control and slapped the inmate

across the face, leaving a mark and small cut. This was witnessed by other inmates.

The correction officer has never been in any trouble before. He was relieved of his post, and

asked to report the superintendent's office. He tells his side of the story, concluding with "I did

it. I hit him hard and deserve to be fired. Or would you let me resign? I am very sorry it

happened this way." The superintendent feels that he has violated several tenets of the code of

ethics and he forwards his disciplinary recommendation to me for review (Campus, 2012).

Criminal justice officer code of ethics:

"As an officer employed in a detention/correctional capacity, I swear (or affirm) to be a good

citizen and a credit to my community, state, and nation at all times. I will abstain from

questionable behavior which might bring disrepute to the agency for which I work, my family,

my community and my associates. My lifestyle will be above and beyond reproach and I will

constantly strive to set an example of a professional who performs his/her duties according to the

laws of our country, state, and community and the policies, procedures, written and verbal

orders, and regulations of the agency for which I work (American, 1993)."

According to American jail association the jail/correction officer will safeguard his/her

community and lives of the staff, inmates and visitors in the jail and/or prison areas.

He/she will work with individuals firmly and fairly regardless of rank, status, or condition.

Officers are to maintain a positive attitude even when confronted with stressful situations.

Supervision of inmates should be handled evenhanded and courteously. The officer should

report anything that should be reported in writing or by mouth to commanding officer and keep

quiet about matters that are consider confidential by laws and rules of the agency or government.

The first code of ethics that the officer violated was to work with a positive attitude. He came to

work in a bad mood and let that bad mood affect his normal working standards. I would have

talked to him and explained that because of the state of mind he was already in that it would be




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