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Crm Case - to the Cloud Technology

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Essay Preview: Crm Case - to the Cloud Technology

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'To the Cloud' is technology buzz word of today. Article summarizes how companies leveraged the slump in economy (in 2008) to streamline their worldwide supply chain by deciding to use 'the Cloud Services' available. Moving supply chain to cloud can help enable 'Virtual Supply Chain' where companies can focus on the their core competencies and outsource supply chain more efficiently and eventually at a lower cost.

.Advantages and some disadvantages

Cloud computing has leveled the global supply chain field. Relatively small and budget conscious companies can implement efficient supply chain solutions without huge capital investment and compete with larger players in terms of cost and services. It makes sharing of information easier between suppliers, transportation providers and consumers. Although cloud based logistics management will soon become globally accepted business solution, there are still concerns related to information security remains in the 'Cloud Environment'.


Today, in a global market companies with more efficient supply chain usually performs better than companies whose products are superior but have very moderate supply chain. An efficient supply chain is a life line for a company with the global reach as they need to collaborate with suppliers and distributors at the both end of the product development life cycle. The cloud based logistics can be very efficient supply chain model once it is implemented correctly. In a global market, the concept of cloud computing is still in its infancy so, its impact could be negligible or adverse when your major market is under developed or developing regions of the world. A mature, safe and efficient logistic business model based on the cloud could really be a 'deal maker' for companies who wants to compete globally but are lacking in technology infrastructure.



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