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Xmgt 230 - Decision Making Process Paper

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Essay Preview: Xmgt 230 - Decision Making Process Paper

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Decision Making Process Paper

Cynthia Butler

XMGT/230 Management Theory Practice

December 20, 2015

Carol Dimopoulos

Decision Making Process Paper

              In everyday life we are challenged in making sound decision, decision that will last for a

life time. We as individuals often wonder after making a decision if it was the right choice, will it

affect the people around me, was this a good choice for my family, and will the decision affect

them. The decision- making process should be one that makes a positive change.

        When I graduated from high school, I started working for the Federal Bureau of

Investigations (FBI).  For the last few years wanting out is all I could think of. The question was

just how was I going to do so? Despite having a demanding family and my work being

demanding I needed the income. Over the past few years’ school was not an option. I mean how

could I focus on school, family, being involved with my children’s extracurricular activities?

This was totally overwhelming. Other alternatives such as coping with my work and trying to be

motivated enough to get the job done was typically how I thought I could handle my situation.

Convincing myself that the pay is great and being thankful for a job were other ways of coping.

Again, I found myself asking questions. Would school be the best option for my future? Or do I

settle for my current work and steady income since I have been employed here for quite some

time? I thought of a contingency plan or an alternative course of action that I can implement

based on how the future unfolds. I thought of this with a couple of alternative views such as

pessimistic and worse case scenarios.

              Pessimistically, returning to school and graduating would be my ultimate goal. Going to

school for a healthier future/career is something that I have been determined to obtain for a very

 long time. Viewing school as the better interest for a better future was evident, school it was.  

          Once you have considered the possible consequences of your options, it is time to make

your decision” 



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