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Depression - Childhood Fame

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Essay Preview: Depression - Childhood Fame

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Debate – Week 8

Childhood fame

Questions for discussions:

  1. What are the advantages of being famous as a child?
  2. What are the disadvantages of being famous as a child?

Read the following pro and con arguments, report them, and give your own opinion on this issue.

  1. The advantages of being famous as a child:
  • Development of talents: Children can have opportunities to work with famous people and experts in the industry, allowing them to develop their talents and reach their full potential. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake were discovered by the variety show called The Mickey Mouse Club and went on to become some of the most successful singers in the world.
  • Family support: One of the very obvious advantages of being famous is that fame generally brings lots of fortune. The money earned from the performances of child stars can be beneficial to their family’s financial situation and enable them to afford some luxuries in life.
  • Fans: Famous children can have a great number of fans. Fan mail and other forms of appreciation that celebrities receive can be inspirational and motivational.
  • Responsibility: A child gains a sense of responsibility at an early age when pursuing an early career. A child learns to become a responsible individual as following through with commitments is essential in a show business career. It is not acceptable to be wishy-washy and change your mind if something fun comes along that you’d rather do. If you have a job to do, you must be responsible and complete it.
  • Inspiration: Child stars can set a good example to other children. Take Do Nhat Nam as an example. Many children in Vietnam are inspired by him to read books and practice English.

  1. The disadvantages of being famous as a child:
  • Intoxication by fame and fortune.

We’ve seen it before. A young, adorable child goes into show business and turns into a troubled teenager and confused adult. Fame and fortune are extremely seductive. Without proper guidance and discipline, it is very easy for a child to go wayward. Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin are some famous example is this. A child is still a child – popular or not.

  • Too much responsibility too soon.

Childhood is a golden time. It is when we should play, discover and have fun. But all too often, child stars are given too much responsibility too soon. Thus, they don’t get the chance to experience and enjoy a normal childhood like other kids. In a way, they are cheated of their youth. We are only young once. We should give other children the opportunity to enjoy this period in their lives. I’m not saying that child stars don’t have happy childhoods. It is just a matter of striking the right balance between work and play.



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