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Descision Making Process Paper

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Decision-Making Process Paper

My name is Jason Kempen and I have been involved in management for approximately 10 years. Of these 10 years in management I have tried my best and put forth my efforts in trying to better the companies I have worked for. The first company I worked for was a factory that made hog confinements for hog farms. When I walked into this position I was not sure what exactly I was walking into. This company had one specific problem that really hurt the image of the company's product. They had no quality control. I spent the first couple of weeks focusing on what the company did and how it was done. While observing I had noticed missed welds on many pieces, poor paint quality and a lot of unnecessary scrap. Now I knew that it was time to go back to my desk and try to come up with a plan of attack to come up with a solution to this issue.

After many days and many hours I thought that I had come up with a solution to fix the problem. My first plan of attack was to sit down with all supervisors and explain to them why we were meeting and point out the issues that I was concerned about. By doing this I found that many of them had no idea that these problems even existed.

I eventually found that now that everyone knew of the problems we could sit down and draw up a plan to correct the issues. We needed to start by educating the employees on how their jobs needed to be done and what they needed to watch out for. We then needed to assign specific individuals within the lines to take care of the quality control aspect of the job. By having someone check the quality control this would cut down on the chances of incomplete product being shipped out or waste. This job is appointed to the department supervisors.

After a few months went by I reevaluated the issue to see how the new plans were taking place and noticed a big change. The company had less complaints and less returned product. We still had some issues to address but for the most part we had become more profitable.

I can honestly say that my approach was not exactly as it was in the reading. I know that I probably could have taken further steps but this was the first issue I had ever approached. If I had known the different steps as I have learned in this class I more than likely could have gone further or even taken a different route.



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