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Developmental Psychology; Analyzing Cartoon

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Essay Preview: Developmental Psychology; Analyzing Cartoon

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As I'm now analyzing cartoon, violent acts are any actions that cause someone's hurt/ injured or it can be someone that wants to hurt others but it backfire to themselves or try to hurt but not successful. Prosocial acts mean any actions that intentionally ease pain/cause pleasure/help them solve problems or protect them.

Cartoon1: Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries "It happened one night before Christmas"

This cartoon is about cat, dog and bird they live with Granny. Granny's brother lost his money somewhere so Granny helped him to find his money back. The number of violent acts is 13. The number of prosocial acts is 10.

A violent act I observed is the cat was trying to catch rats near the window. Rats jumped off so it made cat accidentally jump out off the window and hit the ground. The cat was so painful but not dead yet. This behavior means that cat wanted to eat rats but it backfired himself and causes hurt. In reality, if a boy jumps out off the window probably he would break her legs or cause death. The cat was not careful of what he was doing.

A prosocial act I observed is when the bank manager knew that Granny's brother left his 8000 bucks in his newspaper that he left in the bank. The bank manager stole money of Granny's brother and kept in his drawer. The cat, dog and rats saw what he did so they want to get the money back. They planned to get Granny's brother's newspaper on bank manager's desk. They also stamped bank manager's to make a clue that the manager stole his money. Then they gave newspaper to Granny and Granny's brother as evidence. Then, Granny solved a problem and went to the bank. And they sued the money and got the money back. In the end, the bank manager went to jail. This behavior it can explain that they were worried about their owners and wanted to help them. They saw that bank manager was wrong so they tried to find the way out to get the money back. After the problem was solved, everyone felt so happy and relieved.

There are many aspects that appeal to preschooler. Firstly, characters were animals that are interested. Cat, dog and bird can live together in Granny's house. Sylvester always wants to catch Tweety but he can't. Preschoolers would feel excited to see how tricky Tweety and Sylvester are. Secondly, context is about finding something mysteries, preschooler would feel that it's detective and wonder what's problem can be solved and want to know how story ended. Lastly, storyline is easy to understand, preschoolers can follow up what come first and last and it is everyday life's setting.

┬ČThis episode teaches us both direct and indirect ways. When we lose something we have to think carefully and retreat our footstep where we have been to find or recognize the things we left. Everywhere Granny and his brother went. Everyone (such as the shop seller/taxi driver/ chocolate



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