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Brief Psychology

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Psyche means mind, logos mean word and Psychology is behavior and act. It scientific study our mental process and our behavior. Behavior is what we act- talking ,walking ,sleeping and reading. Psychologist also focus on critical thinking and scientific psychology is based its findings on systematic research methodology and critical thinking. There are four basic goals, descriptive, explanation, prediction and change. Besides that, scientific method which discovering and investigating generally involve six steps, there are Literature Review, Develop a Testable Hypothesis, Design and Collect Data, Analyze Data, Publish and Build Theory. Experimental Research are search for cause and effect by using key features of an experiment such like Independent(IV) and Dependent (DV). IV is selected and manipulated by the experiment while DV is measurable behavior exhibit by participant in the experiment. The second of feature is Experiment vs Control Groups. Experimental Safeguards is designed to protects against potential source of error by both participant and researcher.The method of Experimental bias, Double-blind study and placebo will be using to conduct experiment and avoid the procedure bias.

During the 1950s and 1960s, many psychologists began to look to the work

of computer scientists in trying to understand the more complex behaviour which,

they felt, learning theory or conditioning had oversimplified. This behaviour

was referred to by early psychologists as 'mind' or mental processes, which has

become cognition or the cognitive process. The cognitive psychologist sees the

person as an information processor and cognitive psychology , along with

artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology and neuroscience

now form part of cognitive science, which emerged in the late 1970s.

How can we divide up the work that psychologists do? There is much more

under the heading of 'psychology' than the theories and principles of famous

and leading psychologists of our time. There are psychologists in all areas,

specialising in a number of fields.

Physiological psychology is concerned with the neurological and

physiological events that underlie human thought and action. Some physiological

psychologists are concerned with mapping the functions of various parts of the

brain. Others study both the transmission of electrical information in the brain



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