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Psychology of a Thief

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A thief should be intelligent, smart and healthy. in a society where he works and where he lives, he should be known as a gentleman. his behavior towards people should be very sympathetic. he should not be a patient of cough and flu. moreover his urinary system should also be very good. if someone has this characteristics and qualities he can be a good thief. i have explored many sites on internet but i could not find the answer of this question that who one can be a good thief. some people are very good thieves and they can never be caught. internet can answer this question but unfortunately i have not seen an essay like this. i know this is an evil, theft is not a good profession, but there must be teacher on this subject. i myself suggest that a thief must know the psyche of a person whom house he is going to break. he should know that what is the map of and the arrangement of rooms. he should also has the knowledge that what kind of the police officer of the concerned police station is. i think that a thief should not be a long man or even a small height person.

i don't want to be thief, if it is a profession everyone hates it, but knowledge is knowledge and every one has the right to seek it. so i want to research the psyche of a thief and philosophy behind the theft. i know many people who are thieves,theft is of many kind. there is know need to define theft it is attitude which society creates for a person.



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