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Nurse Manager

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The three areas I would address as nurse manager are wellness and prevention programs being offered to the public, opportunities for nurses and ensure nursing leadership and management roles are more prominent. These three areas are important to help keep healthcare cost down, make nurses more knowledgeable, and to ensure leadership and management roles are very noticeable in the work place.

First as manager I would address wellness and prevention programs to the public. It is important to offer these programs to give the public knowledge about how to stay healthy and prevent diseases. It is also important that the public knows warning signs of heart attack, diabetes, and other diseases. By giving them the knowledge of these diseases and early warning signs will help keep heath care cost down. The emphasis should then move away from treatment of illnesses and toward health and wellness.

Second as nurse manager I would offer opportunities for nurses. Nurses with experience and specialty skills are in demand. Also computers and advanced technology continues to evolve and it is important that nurses are offered more classes to make them more knowledgeable in these fields. More than half nursing care will eventually be provided outside of the hospital. Nurses need to be offered more educational programs to keep them up to date on care they will be expected to know outside of the hospital. All nurses should be encouraged to pursue more education if they desire to advance in their careers.

Third I would address making leadership and management roles more prominent. I would include in all staff meetings that everyone has the opportunity of becoming a leader. Nurse leaders are out spoken, move others in the appropriate direction, and are usually called upon by other practicing nurses. A manager on the other hand, identifies problems and has the ability to lead and manage through difficult times. They also provide creative solutions, require control and use resources effectively and efficiently. Leaders can be managers but leaders do not have to hold a management position. It is important that the team of nurses know who are the leaders and who is the manager.

All three of these areas I believe my institution could work on and make better. These areas will help keep health care cost down and provide encouragement to nurses to excel in education and leadership roles.



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