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Digi Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis can be used as strategic planning matching tool that provides structure or clarifies strategic analysis. This technique to lead Digi on complex decision making by effectively and removes all subjectivity and emotion from the decision process and help in generation of several options or strategies for Digi.


The strengths of Digi are that its mobile plans are generally acknowledged cheapest in the telecom industry market. In this appendix, the comparison shows that the price of iPhone Xs from Digi mobile plan is cheaper than iPhone Xs from Maxis mobile plan. The appendix illustrates Digi’s price plans for the smartphone as compared to its competitors. At this competitive environment, there are many mobile internet services are broadly similar, but Digi able to offer lowest prices plan to customer and Digi will enjoy the highest profits because customer demand for low price plan. Furthermore, Digi also provides attractive career development prospects for their employees. Digi develop a supportive, dynamic and open environment for employee to freely express their own voice or idea in this freedom working environment. This will motivate employee to work harder in this kind of working environment.


One of the main weakness which Digi’s lack of base stations as compared to other competitors causes poor network and broadband coverage. If Digi has poor internet network coverage which leads to weaken customer satisfaction among subscribers and give Digi a bad reputation. All this factor will lead to reducing in subscribe for Digi. Then, Digi also have challenge about dependency on strategic sharing between mobile producer because Digi’s product and services cannot operate without additional product or services from mobile producer. For example, Digi normally sell their mobile plan with smartphone together and the mobile plan hard to sell it independently. Therefore, if Digi no improve their innovation skills and upgrade their quality service of network otherwise other competitor might replace Digi services.

Appendix 1

[pic 1]

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