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Disscusion Paper

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Although England stopped colonization because of problems with their homeland that all changed after King Charles's II father, King Charles I, was beheaded when he ruled with absolute monarchy and dissolving the Parliament; in 1660 Charles II came back from hiding, claimed the throne, and resumed colonization in America. He issued four new additional colonies that were propriety ventures: Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Because they were propriety venture; there formed an important change in American settlement. Ever since these four became colonies, private companies were no longer interested in launching colonies after they realized that there were no quick profits to be made in the New World. Also the goal of the founders in the new colonies wasn't a quick commercial success but now they realized that permanent settlements would give proprietors power and land. In Carolina; a group of eight court favorites received control over their grants of land that they received from King Charles II and became landlords. Like Carolina, New York was, for many years, a highly factious society and it was also growing and wealthy colony. By 1685; New York's population grew to 30,000 people which were about four times as many people living there twenty years ago. On the small island of Barbados many English planters became extremely wealthy after harvesting a new beneficial crop called the sugar cane and realized that they could profit big time from the sugar cane crop and the slave labor. And this is me adding more words



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