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Do You Thing That Telemarketing Should Be Illegal?

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Essay Preview: Do You Thing That Telemarketing Should Be Illegal?

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Do you thing that telemarketing should be illegal?

Telemarketing has its advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that it should be illegal to continue the use of it. We all know that Telemarketing is a method of direct solicitation whether it's by phone or face to face. I wouldn't be the only one to say that these types of calls are very annoying, especially when they interrupt your morning or night sleep. I am a victim, of these types of calls. When I would receive calls and I did not recognize the number I would always answer them but only to hear a recorded message on items or programs that they wanted me to buy. I had OPT out on some of the calls that I would get so that I wouldn't have to get called again but for some reason I still continued to receive them.

These Telemarketing calls at least for what I can say can actually keep you from receiving important calls. Because if you do not recognize the number on the caller id now you are force to ignore the call without knowing that it may be an important call from a family member or a life threaten situation.

I can understand that companies are trying to make a profit and sell their products by using this kind of method but they need to understand that these calls can get annoying. Even face to face solicitation can aggravate some people. Yes, these individuals need to make a living and bring home a paycheck but there are other kinds of jobs that they can apply for. It aggravates me more when you have people soliciting at a business where you have a "NO SOLICITATION" sign and they still come in to interrupt you or your customers.

I know that many companies use automated systems to call their customers when they have sells or promotions, but as far as I have come to encounter they actually ask you if it's okay that they call you or email you. If you agree to the terms then they have you sign a form, they don't just go randomly calling people.

Telemarketing has left a bad reputation that now that important businesses are using it for emergency means only you don't even want to stop and hear what it is about. A few weeks ago I received a call from an unknown number I answered it but as soon as I heard the automated machine I was going to hang up, but I got to hear that it was a call from McAllen Police Department. The call was to inform us that there had been a multiple car accident on McColl Rd and Dove and power lines where down and that traffic was being re-routed. To me this was an important call even though I was not headed that direction, but it was to inform us of delays that we would have if heading that direction. Things would had probably been different if I would of hung up and did have to go that direction I would have been stuck in traffic until it got cleared or found another route out from there.




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