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Drama Report

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        A story truly based upon religion and family issues, that demonstrates how a person can manipulate others using God as his tool. Tartuffe, "a men of God", has fooled Orgon and his mother to believe he is an exceptional person. But not everyone see him that way, nonetheless; every  member of Orgon's family see in him a manipulator and an evil person who only wants to take advantage of their family's wealth. But despite their beliefs, Orgon, father of Mariane, wants to marry her daughter with Tartuffe, without caring that she is already engaged with Valère. There is where the inciting incident occurs, when Orgon tells his daughter that she is forced to end his engagement and must marry Tortuffe. pg. 518 line 15: "Orgon: that's wisely said, my Daughter. Say of him, then, that he's the very worthiest of men, and that you're fond of him, and would rejoice in being his wife, if that should be my choice. Well?".

The whole family is outraged with Orgon's decision, but mostly Mariane. Her response to her father was limited by her maid Dorine, who completely refuses to accept Orgon's decision. The tension between Orgon and Dorine is extreme, to the point in which he tries to hit her. As a consequence of his father choice, Mariane is forced to accept his father´s will, because is just the way it has to be. Mariane is  shocked and doesn't know what to do, as the rising action elevates when Valère arrives full of indignation caused by the recent news. He reacts even worse when Mariane asked for his advice, and in seconds they got into a fight. Then Dorine get involved and calmed both of them, and figure out a plan to avoid Tartuffe marrying Mariane. Pg. 522 line 107: "Dorine: Let's table that discussion for the present; Your father has a plan which must be stopped".

The raising action continues when Damis, discovered that Tartuffe tried an adulterous offer to Elmire, Orgon's wife. Damis tells his father about it in front of Tartuffe, but he plays a victim role and in a matter of seconds turns Orgon against his son. He really gets mad at Damis and didn't listen to his explanation. He responds to his statement as an aggression and do not believe a single word he said. Pg. 527, line 63: "Orgon: so! you insult him, and defy your father! Out of my house this minute! Be off with you, and never dare to set a foot in it again".

The reversal might happen when Orgon hides under the table and heard the conversation between his wife and Tartuffe. He can notice Taruffe's intentions of having some kind of affair with his wife by the context of the conversation. He can tell by Tartuffe's words, that he intends to persuade Elmire into some physical action. Orgon can hear Tartuffe's true religion views and behavior towards it, Pg. 53o, line 94: "Tartuffe: If heaven is all that holds you back, don't worry. I can remove that hindrance in a hurry. Nothing of that sort need obstruct our path".



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