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Video Games and Their Effect on Our Youth

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From the time computers got invented the video games also introduced in the market with the improvements in the computer technology and the introduction of gaming consoles, the games also got more realistic and more challenging and from that point the problems video games arrived, people were complaining the games generating violence and aggression in the youths personality and some are addicted to it about but the fact is that video games are in fact very helpful and the right way to develop our kids brain and their personality and they may be the future of modern learning in the schools and we need to stop neglecting it, so in this research we will show that video games violence and aggression is going to be being explored and after that the benefits of the video games and the important role they have in education and lastly we will explore how to stop video games addiction and researches about it.

From 1951 when Mr.Yamauchi established the company Nintendo and later on 1972 they introduced the first video game running on a TV set called Pong (Kent, S. 2010); people started to know a different world from the one they were living in, a world that everything was possible and it was running by its own rules and it would give the television sets another uses and definition to it video games development was the trend of the century and everyone knew the potential that they have, by the time moved forward the technology development allowed to create more possibilities and bring our virtual world close to the real world and this was the start of the rage against the video games from parents to the teachers that they brought aggression and violence and addiction to it and the shootings in the schools like the 2007 shooting in Virginia-USA was a proof of their claims but the researchers think different, they think that aggression and violence is not the fault of video games entirely and there is more to it.



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