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Elaborate What St. Teresa Means by Purely Spiritual Love?

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Essay Preview: Elaborate What St. Teresa Means by Purely Spiritual Love?

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Elaborate what St. Teresa means by purely spiritual love?

During to Saint Teresa, her life of love of the absolute and of absolute love is rare depth and fullness. The love combines of certain inter-related spiritual principles and constitutes a true doctrine. She spent all her live to help poor people and spread the love of god. She believes that we need to love others without expecting any return. Sometimes people might accuse you of selfish or ulterior motives even you are kind, we should insist to be kind anyway; Sometimes people always forget what good you did soon, we should be good anyway; Sometimes people may cheat your even you are honest, be honeys anyway. We need to give our love to the world. She said that " I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love."

St. Teresa believes that spiritual life was an attitude of love. Although she proclaimed poverty, we need to work instead of begging. She show her love through small things because she think that even we do small thing with love are very powerful too. We cannot ignore small things, just like give a bread to a homeless, or even say some good words to a sad people.

We help people with love not only with physical stuff, but also through sprit. If we do not have any abilities to help someone in realistic when him/her have some difficulties, we should help them with sprit. For example, while someone needs 100 dollars to solve the problem but we do not have 100 dollars, we should give him/her some spiritual support and also pray for him/her.

Our love is not perfect but the lord will make it increasingly. In "They way of perfection", it mentioned that "It is sometimes good and necessary for us to show emotion in our love, and also to feel it, and to be distressed by some of our sisters' trials and weaknesses, however trivial they may be."

We can find religion's soul from St. Teresa's life and words. Her faith is inseparable from her compassion and her compassion is never disconnected from her behavior. People think that St. Teresa is one of the richest people in the world because she has love, give love to other, and receive love from others.

Question 2: Explain the role of the Dionysian in Nietzsche's philosophy.

In "The birth of Tragedy", Nietzsche points out that the continuous development of art is bound up with the Apollonian and Dionysian duality. Apollinian and Dionysian are two opposite side, an Apollinian artist in dreams, or a Dionysian artist in ecstasies. The Apollonian tells us that even life is a dream, we need to enjoy it; while Dionysian tells us that even life is a tragedy, we need to be tough and overcome the difficulties.

Nietzsche holds that the greeks perceived two different and opposing forces, and personified them as Apollinian and Dionysian. According to Nietzsche, Greek Art sought the perfect synthesis of Apollonian and Dionysian modes of expression. The Dionysian was the primal aspect of reality, flux, life and death, pleasure and pain, etc. The energy of Dionysian was that of "intoxicated reality," and it was the realm of nature and drunken ecstasy.

During to the Dionysian in Nietzsche's philosophy, drunkenness



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