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Elf High Heel

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Company Profile

Company Name:

Elf high heel

----"E" represents Elegant; "L" represents leisurely and "F" represents fashionable.

Company History:

Elf high heel is a private company founded in 2010 by 5 college students. We are still a new company in high heel production field but we have development space in the innovation of high heels.

Line of Business:

Our company provides a wide range of high quality adjustable-height high heel shoes and boots for ladies. And we also have DIY shoes design service to allow customers create their own fashion and style. We basically sell our products on the internet, but we have several Elf Stores available in department stores which can let you experience our products. Customers can try-on our adjustable-height high heels to find if it is comfortable or not. They can also design on the computers which we provide in our store and order their own style after they finished the design. Our target customers are women range from 16 to 60, especially the white-collar.

Company Structure:

Our company located in Shanghai. The company has design & research department, marketing department, financial department and sales department. And we also have our own factory to produce our products.


We have 20 employees in total. Though the company is founded by college students, we are all profession and outstanding. We have professional designers keep working on new products, senior marketing staff and experienced salesperson.

Business Performance:

Our output figure is about 400 pairs per month. Turnover is about 160,000 CNY per month and our gross profit is about 20,000 CNY per month. And the figures are increasing in an optimistic tendency.

Market Standing:

We are the only company produces adjustable-height high heels in China so we have lion's share in domestic adjustable-height high heels market. We also have no competitor provisionally.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

We have new technology in this field so we take advantage in adjustable-height high heels selling. But since the technology is still immature now, our market is still small and our brand awareness need to be improved.



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