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Emm610 Les E. Roley, Plaintiff-Appellant, Fire Protection

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Essay Preview: Emm610 Les E. Roley, Plaintiff-Appellant, Fire Protection

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Jeffery Grote

Les E. ROLEY, Plaintiff-Appellant,


Pierce County Fire Protection District NO. 4, a Municipal

Corporation of the State of Washington, Defendant-Appellee.


Les E. Roley argues that the Board deprived him of his bureaucratic due process once he was denied his legal Fourteenth Amendment. The amendment protects a person from confiscation of property or deprived of fair bureaucratic treatment. The Board held an open meeting in February to deliberate on Mr. Roley's allegations. The board denied Mr. Roley the opportunity to present witnesses on his behalf, but he testified and supported the allegations against him in writing. The board fired Mr. Roley after deliberating the evidence.

Roley insisted that his release be examined in accordance with municipal service policies. His request was rejected for the reason that, according to the Washington, the civil service review was not implemented, they were not obliged to provide it. Washington's law allows municipalities, cities and cities to eliminate their civil service fire chiefs (Appeals, 1989).


From Ch. 41.08 was not adopted by the district, it is argued that the evaluation of the civil service does not justify its employees. Roley opposed the unsound basis of the districts in order to differentiate between people in his locality who do not and fire fighters from public districts who obtained an evaluation of the public service.

Both parties (the Board and Roley) assumed that Roley could be terminated whenever possible. He claimed he was entitled to an evaluation of the public service because his clause of equal protection was infringed. Roley's lawyer claimed Roley's outstanding work performance history, but neither he nor Roley showed any evidence that he could not be considered eligible to work as a fire fighter. Roley claimed that his reputation was hurt by the claims of the board and that he was forbidden to perform as a fire chief forever. Roley claims his character was injured by the Board's allegations. The Board requests:

Roley's performance as chief was under-standard: Failure to lead. Failure to provide efficient and productive management. Failure to offer and maintain appropriate direction. Not inspiring and maintaining a courteous attitude and driving. His affiliation with the officers and his interaction with them showed change for the better.


The court ruled on Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 4. Districts of fire civil rights and privileges under Wash. Rev. Code Sec. 52.30.040



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