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Les Mesirables Project

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Jonatan Perez

Period 6



Les Miserables Project

Do the ends ever really justify the means? In the Novel Les Miserables, Victor Hugo depicts how a man with a criminal past tries to find his place in society. Lawrence Kohlberg holds many psychological studies in the form of interviews on social Morales of Les Miserables. When facing tough moral decisions one should: try not to break the law in order to do good, respect the choice of who seek death (only when they are in excruciating pain), and keep in mind that there is no point of sending someone to their doom when it benefits or protects no one. One may say that it is easily possible to argue with these statements, but backed with detail they hold strong against even the most brutal of attackers.

Indeed laws are created for a reason. Laws are made to maintain the order in our communities. In almost all civilization modern and old have laws that forbid theft. If one is of Christian religion one most likely follows the Ten Commandments. The eight tenth commandments clearly states that one should not steal. Numerous religions around the world (Not just Christian) have these rules or codes that forbid stealing. Their already she be a strict mindset in the minds of most people that stealing is a bad thing.

In spite of stealing being a bad thing, not offering some one the medication they need just because of reckless greed is much worse. Although Heinz wife would most surly die faster if he did not steal the radium, the druggist would be greatly overcome with guilt of his wrong doings. This alone is a great punishment on the druggist. Heinz think of what his wife would say if she found out that he was going to steal something. It most likely that Heinz wife prefers to die then to have her husband Heinz committing a crime.

Second if one goes back to the quote "do the ends ever justify the means" it can be seen that taking a life cannot necessarily be a bad thing. If someone is in a very intense pain and can't bear to live any longer there should no reason to keep them alive. Similar to how a mother sometimes says to a child who is looking at an injured animal "Put it out of its misery." One has to remember that sometimes it is best to do what is necessary to help those in pain. That is why in the doctor should honor the wishes of Heinz wife in order to bring her to her piece and away from pain of life.

Finally common sense is something that we should all pay more attention to. For example, A child is thrown into jail because he bit his little brother; while he is in time out he breaks all his teeth. The mother decides that he will never be allowed to be near his brother. Although the kid did wrong by biting his brother, there should be no reason to keep



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