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Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive essay

Should not wearing a seat belt be illegal? In my opinion it shouldn't be illegal. Most people should have their own free will. It would also encourage safer driving. Those would be the main reasons that why it shouldn't be illegal to wear a seat belt.

Most people should be able to have free will. If they want to be unsafe than that should be that persons fault. The government wouldn't have to pay for the family if one of the supporters dies. But it is bound for anybody to die. The bible quotes, "no man is promised tomorrow". That means that everybody is meant to die, it is just a matter of time before they do die. Most of the deaths in the world are caused by motor vehicle. A lot of the time the seat belt wouldn't be able to safe them. Really they are actually worse for the people because they can't get out of the car fast enough because the seat belt is usually holding them back.

Not where a seat belt could also encourage a lot safer driving. Many people would think that a seat belt would save their life but it actually slows your impact down. So when they don't have a seat belt on they would start to slow down their driving. They would also be more cautious of their surroundings to try and not crash it to other cars. It would also be able to give them more time to get out of the car so they wouldn't take the time to fumble with their seat belts. Then there may be less motor vehicle deaths in the world.

Seat belts are only meant for one purpose, to slow down your impact while your head is going forward into the airbag. The air bag also causes deaths because some people don't put on their seat belts. The seat belts only purpose is to protect you from the air bag but if there was no airbag than there wouldn't be any need for a seat belt.

So in conclusion the seat belts because more deaths than they stop. The people would usually fumble unbuckling it because they are panicking. Most of the people, while they are trying to get free aren't really focusing on the seat belt they are focusing on the danger. So most of the time seat belts aren't very safe.

Literary analysis

The poem that I am analyzing is called "Friends" by Bishop Lamont. The song is about how before he was famous he had a lot of friends. Then when he became famous nobody really liked him. The lyric that he uses is a clear way that he gets his point across. The chorus is another way that he shows that all his friends didn't really like him. He also uses a lot of metaphors and similes. Those are the ways that he shows that friends aren't friends unless they stay with you until the end.

In the beginning of the song he is talking about how when he was famous the people that used to be cool with him turned their back on him. They would rather have the person end like how they were. The people that he used to be friends with him had bad things happen to them like they didn't really have a job to support his family and they look towards to help them. But he couldn't because he had problems of he own. Then in the second verse he explains how he had always helped his friends out and that they never really helped him out. Like when he says "I remember my '85 maxima you niggas filled it up but rarely put any gas in it." Then he explains how he did all of the hard work that he could do when they didn't do anything. He says "Early morning sign you niggas was weak I did all the hard work put it down in the streets. Made all the contact through your time in the beach you just come write a verse and kick up your feet." With those lines that he wrote it shows that he had bad friends that weren't really friends to him.

He also uses metaphors and similes in the song. He says "And out west a lot of rappers say that they are so hood yeah right more like west Hollywood". That metaphor is used to describe how fake the rappers are in the west coast. Most of the rappers in the music industry say that they are a part of a gang and shoot people. They also say that they would kill anybody. But most rappers live in the suburbs of the hood. Not many people actually are the type of person that they portray. The biggest name that is the realist rapper was Tupac Shakur. He talked about the get to and things that he actually went through. He was the only rapper to shoot a cop..



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