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Engr. Romeo Estabillo - a Licensed Civil Engineer

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Essay Preview: Engr. Romeo Estabillo - a Licensed Civil Engineer

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Engr. Romeo Estabillo is a licensed Civil Engineer. Starting his career, he decided to go back to his hometown at Santiago City. There, he accepted contracts for construction of residential buildings. As time goes by, his clients multiplied that even prominent persons in the province of Isabela made contracts with him.

As a starting business, he has two assistants that helped him in his daily routines as a contractor. One assistant is Mr. Silvino Santiago wherein his main task was a draftsman and sometimes he assists Engr Estabillo to supervise the foreman and other construction works. Second assistant is Mr. Romulo Mamaril wherein he is into administrative activities.

By the third year of operations, he already built his office inside his residential compound and by this moment, two more female employees were hired.

 At year 1994, outlining his employees, 6 of them are full time civil engineers, 2 are draftsmen, 10 administrative personnel, 1 messenger, 1 security guard and the foremen and laborers are working contractually.

In 1996, the business is still in full bloom that he is thinking of hiring 4 more full-time civil engineers but on the other hand, he knew that he may not able to do all his functions if he will go through his plan knowing that the operations will be more complex and that decision making is of little scientific.

I believe that the decision of hiring more employees is the best way to cope up with a business that is getting bigger but how can Mr Estabillo cope up with bigger responsibility? As for me, a help would not be a problem, since we know that from the start of the company, he already have his two assistants and I believe that they are the answer to Mr. Estabillo’s problem. Mr. Silvino is a third year civil engineering student but I am sure that for the long time that he is working at the company, he already knew most of the task of Engr Estabillo especially in supervising in construction sites. He may quit being a draftsman and hire a new one and he will be a full time assistant of Mr. Estabillo in the sites and other technical operations. Furthermore, Mr. Mamaril, who performs tasks at the office, may step up as the one who maintains order and routines at the office. In other words, he will be considered as the head in administrative activities.



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