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Essay on Hinduism

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  1. Give an account of the basic ideas behind Hinduism.


Reincarnation is a religious idea of rebirth. It means that after the biological death the soul leaves the dead body and regenerates in a new life with a new body. Hinduism claims that every person will go through a lot of rebirths that will lead to moksha. Moksha is the spiritual redemption, which frees human from the cycle of rebirth.

With every rebirth, you can move either closer to or further from moksha. The factor, which is deciding, is your karma. Bad actions lead into bad karma, which leads to a lower reincarnation, which means you will move further away from moksha. To reincarnate on a higher level you have to do good actions to achieve good karma and a step closer to the freedom of moksha.



Is the natural law defines the total social, ethical and spiritual harmony of your life. The categories of dharma: There are three categories of dharma:

  1. Being the eternal harmony, which involves the whole universe
  2. Is the dharma that controls castes and the relations between castes
  3. Is the moral code, which an individual should follow



Hindus believe in reincarnation. Your deeds and actions will determine the reincarnation. This is also called Karma. Karma is in reality a law of course and affect. Bad actions will result in bad karma and good actions will result in good Karma. You could also express it differently: whatever you do comes back to you. In Hindu, this means, if you have a good karma you will reincarnate on a higher level and be closer to moksha. If not, you will reincarnate on a lower level and take a step away from moksha.

The tree basic practices:

There are three basic practices in the religion, that the Hindus have to follow:  

  1. Worship daily
  2. Cremation of the dead
  3. The rules and regulations of the caste system

Caste system

Four main castes:

The Brahmin or priest caste

The Kshatriyas or soldiers and governors

The Vaisyas or tradepeople and farmers

The Sudras or menial workers and craftspeople

  1. Give a representation of some of the Gods in Hinduism.

Brahma, the creator

Is the first member of the hindu trinity. He is the creator because he creates everything in the universe. He is the father of Manu from whom all human beings are descended. He is married to Sarasvati the goddess of art. Brahma has 4 faces, but you can only see 3 at once. The 4 faces shows the four faces shows the four heavens he rules.



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