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Ethics E2020 - the Food Industry

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Essay Preview: Ethics E2020 - the Food Industry

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Recently, uninformed customers have been taken advantage of by big food, auto, and clothes industries which is an unethical practice due to customers being "jipped" out of what they actually pay for. Big food industries such as Monsanto, which is a GMO producer, does not put labels on their foods stating that they are genetically modified. With that being said, any one consumer that is oblivious to the matter buys these products without realizing that they are harmful, hazardous, or even not what they thought it would be and that is considered unethical.

The food industries use of genetically modified foods is very unethical due to consumers being unaware of what they are paying for. For example, McDonald's is the worlds biggest fast food industry in the world which uses genetically modified beef and chicken in most of their foods. Consumers that buy McDonald's on a weekly basis spend their money on food that is unhealthy but is claimed to be natural. With this being said consumers believe that the food is natural and relatively healthy but is genetically modified.

The food industry has its leash around the Food and Drug Administration, the Environment Protection Agency as well as any other big name government implemented agency to keep its cover hidden with the targeting of Uninformed customers and their genetically modified food. With that being said, these agencies keep a close eye on the food industry and a even closer eye on us consumers to make sure their investment in the food industry pays off.

Despite negative health effects, genetically modified food is much cheaper to produce which in turn makes more money for the businesses supplied with those foods as well as tax money for state and federal governments. This generates more revenue for more money to be spent on producing genetically modified organisims for use and consumption. However, the economic spike that comes from revenue being generated from such businesses does not make up for its negative health effects.

In conclusion, the food industry targets consumers and make them pay for the poop that they serve as food. This unethical practice generates a lot of money for business's and government even though they realize that it is unhealthy, as well as even killing people. this targeting practice is unethical and needs to be stopped.



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