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Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd - Understanding Consumer

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Essay Preview: Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd - Understanding Consumer

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BMR 2024


Trimester 1, 2015/2016

Company: Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd

Submission date: 14 9 2015

Lecturer: Miss Lim Ying San

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Yong Wei Meng


Chuah Zhi Qi


He Lim Moy


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Lee Chun Hao

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Executive Summary        2

Introduction        3

Part A: Discussion on Advertisements and Marketing Tools used to promote the        4

Part B: Stages of purchase process        10

Part c: recommendation and suggestions        16

Conclusion        17

References        18

Executive Summary

Munchy’s, Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd is consider one of the largest biscuits manufacturer from Malaysia and this company was first established by two brothers ,SK Tan and LK Tan. Until today Munchy’s has more than ten types of biscuit and wafer brands. Their products are presence in more than 60 countries around the world.

In Part A, we gather variety of Munchy’s promotion tools and explain it by consumer behavior theories. The promotion tools which Munchy’s apply are public relation/sponsorship, sales promotion, direct marketing, and advertising and personal selling Munchy’s focus on the development of brand vision, portfolio strategy and strategic marketing planning. Sales promotions are playing an important role in consumer perception. According to three exposure theory, the first time you see the initial exposure of advertising you will ask ‘What is it?’ The second exposure of same advertising come across to you, you will think ‘What in it?’ After the third exposure, the advertising have already stay in your mind.

In Part B, we analysis and discuss about five stages of consumer buying decision process which are needs recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and post-purchase decision. Once consumers have found their relevant alternatives and evaluated them, they should make their choice among the alternatives in purchase decision stage. In post-purchase decision stage, the quality of the decision becomes important in this stage of process and how well the choice worked out. Consumers start to compare their perceptions of the product with their expectations.

In Part C, we would suggest some recommendations to improve the performance of Munchy’s. For example, Munchy’s should improve their packaging and build their specific image for a brand in the consumer’s mind, increase Munchy’s product line, increase online advertisement and increase the numbers of promotional activities.

Conclusion, we can conclude that Munchy’s is doing very well in marketing and branding their products. According to our group questionnaire survey analysis, social media advertisement of Munchy’s to create brand awareness is weaker than traditional broadcasting advertisement.  It is for Munchy’s own good if they solve this problem.  


The purpose of doing this assignment is to do discussion on advertisements and marketing tools used to promote products and then do some suggestions and recommendations for those particular marketing strategies. So we choose Munchy’s as a company to complete this assignment.

Munchy’s, Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd is consider one of the largest biscuits manufacturer from Malaysia and this company was first established by two brothers ,SK Tan and LK Tan. They started their business with an initial investment of RM80, 000 to buy second-hand wafer stick machine in Batu Pahat, a small town in the south of Malaysia in 1991. And then they expanded their business to overseas, the first overseas country they invested in was South Africa.

In 1996, Munchy’s built their first own factory in Johor, Malaysia. The manufacturing plant was equipped with fully automate wafer technology and it was consider one of the finest wafer plant in South East Asia up until today. After bought in few type of advanced wafer and biscuit machines for the factory, they started introduce three new products to the market. The three new product were Muzic Wafers, Munchini Wafer Rolls and Lexus Biscuits. Now Munchy’s has own a production plant with warehouse facilities in Batu Pahat, Johor, and equipped with total of 2 wafer plants, 4 biscuit plants and 5 wafer stick machines.



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