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Expedition Business

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I have done many things in my life, and I had obtained many experiences along the way. It could be challenging experiences and it could be very tiring experiences. Firstly I will start with my experience in my family surrounding. My family is running a transportation business. We called it expedition business. This business is run by sending goods from Jakarta to Jambi (Indonesia). We send goods such as cigarettes, electronic gadgets, snacks, etc. As the oldest son in my family, usually I will go to my father's office to see if I could help something. The first time I went to his office, I did not even understand a single thing. Sometimes I just went there, sat in front of computer and played games. Straight after I graduated from senior high school, I went to Jakarta to see how the office there was. I began to learn what my father was doing in his work. Since then, I was helping him for about 1 month. It is because at that time, I still had to wait for the time I got in to MDIS. There was quite a challenging experience because I have to wake up in the early morning, waiting for the goods from the supplier to come, made some letters according to goods which was received. Sometime I could stay until late at night observing all the workers packing all the things to the container truck which would be send to Jambi.

Next, when I was in 3rd year of junior high school, I joined basketball club in my school. I was crazy about basketball at that time. Almost every day I would play basketball. Once a week, I would have training in my school. And on the weekend, I would always play basketball with all my friends. Besides of participating in basketball team in my school, I did join some of activity in Buddhist temple. One day, I joined in an event where we had to stay in the temple for 3 nights. During those 3 nights, we were not allowed to talk to other people; we also were not allowed using our mobile phone. It taught us to control our emotion and patient. Moreover, the foods that we ate at the temple were all vegetarian.

Starting my study in university, I moved to Singapore. I had to go through my English course for 2 months before I could start my diploma course and followed by degree course. In my English course, I met with a lot of friends from different countries. There were a lot of activities in the English course such as group discussion, group presentation, etc. There were a lot of funs in the English course. After I finished my English course, I moved on to Advanced Diploma Courses. I was separated with most of my friends from English course. Start from Advanced Diploma course, I met with new friends. At this time, most of my friends that I get along with are also Indonesian, same with me.



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