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Experinece Report

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Name: Priya Persad

Student ID: 816002954

Course: COCR 1012- Work Place Protocols

Lecturer: Ms. Lisa Mc Donald

Title: My Experience Report (1)

When I first started COCR 1012 – Work Place Protocol, the lecturer, Ms. Lisa Mc Donald taught  about Goal planning and it was said that at the end of each class we would create a goal of our own and try to achieve it for the next class. I’m a person usually set goals and prolong it and never starts it, so I decided this might be a good chance to exercise some activities that I really need to work on. I then agreed I would start off with simple, small goals that can be achievable for the week till next class Wednesday 19th October, 2018.

My first goal I determined myself to achieve is to reach to school one hour before class so I can get comfortable and ready as well as gain some energy for class, since a bus drive is very tiring. For the week I have 3 days of classes (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), so I will challenged myself for those 3 days. As a student it is always good to reach to class early or on time so you would not miss out any work that has been done at the beginning. For the future within the workplace I hope to achieve punctuality so I would not get fired.

I planned to wake up to my alarm set at a time to catch the bus on time, most time not getting to eat breakfast properly, therefore I would have packed my bag night before and planned what I would be wearing for school because that’s a hard decisions for girls.

On the way to achieving my short term goal off reaching to school one hour before class, I also faced some obstacles along the way, for example rained kept back the buses on a delay as well as unexpected traffic that were legit caused by nothing. As a result of these obstacles I faced I may have reached to class late or just on time which made me felt that I had not achieved enough in 3 days’ time. So, in addition to my second goal for the third class I also decided to continue my first goal because I did not achieve much as I should have and I thought that I would work on it more and achieve my first goal.

My second goal fell in line with my first goal, where I decided to work on eating breakfast before I leave home because it’s the main part of my diet. As a student at a young age this goal would help me to improve my health and prevent any sicknesses and will continue to the future. I have planned to wake up earlier than usual by setting my alarms because I sleep light, while my mother would make breakfast a little earlier to. I would eat before I do anything else and pack my back and organise my clothes night before. So far, I have been well at my goals and hope to continue going as planned.

I am starting to see how goals can make a difference in my life especially when I am actually executing them.



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