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Ez-Pleeze Swot Analysis

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Essay Preview: Ez-Pleeze Swot Analysis

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EZ-Pleeze SWOT Analysis

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B.1. The significance of a SWOT analysis in the strategic planning process of EZ-Pleeze

The main purpose of carrying out a SWOT analysis is to come up with a background that will bring out the ability of the company to get over their threats and how prepared the company is to manipulate the opportunities available in the chicken and beef production industry. EZ-Pleeze is determined to be obtain dominance over it competitors in the food production industry like the Yellow Down Food. Therefore, the company will have to come up with suitable business plans that will take advantage of its rivals with no disadvantages. The best approach to strategic growth will include knowing the company’s internal business strengths and weaknesses as well as the internal threats and opportunities makes up the SWOT analysis. EZ-Pleeze need to win the competitive advantage and in order to achieve this, the company should maximize on its strengths and improve on its weaknesses as well as fight against its threats externally. A through assessments of the external environment is also necessary for the company to know take advantage of the new opportunities before its competitors do so. This strategic planning process will be driven by the SWOT analysis.

2. Internal strengths of EZ-Pleeze

Creativity, innovation, technology, employee strength as well as customer service have been listed as the strengths of EZ-Pleeze in the SWOT analysis. Additionally, the company has also some key competencies that include innovation and creativity. Additionally, the company boosts new ideas on how its chicken and meat products can be improved. This is a competitive strategy. Nevertheless, the company also uses new technology in almost all its operations. The use of new technology in all its operations has played a great advantage as the company has become more competitive as it meets the demands of the consumer. Apparently, “In the United States, we lead the industry in research and development (R&D) focused on nutrition, genetic modification, and technologies related to meat products processing”. This has played a great role as the company has beaten all odds to yield the best chicken as well as beef in the business.

Another strength shown by the company is the ability to ensure that all the customers needs have been met. Frequent communication with the customers ensures that they always provide the best. Additionally, employees are constantly reminded of customer service as the main concern in the company as it has also been added to the mission statement. This enables the provision of products with high quality. Apart from considering the customers as an asset, EZ-Pleeze considers the employees as their greatest asset. They provide them with all privileges that will enable them increase their productivity including health privileges. Employees are also provided with the chance to make contributions on creative ideas which makes them fell included in decision making efforts in the company. These are the strengths that are making the company have a competitive advantage over the rest in the market. Therefore, the company needs to note them and improve on them more.

3. Internal weaknesses of EZ-Pleeze

The internal weaknesses of the company are the factors that disadvantage the company against its competitors. These include the factors that act as a hinderance against the company to achieving the objectives that have been set. The first weakness is labor costs that are high. A lot of labor is required in the meat and chicken industry making it hard to moderate the pricing of their products. High labors costs force the client to cater for the excess because the prices of the meat products are set higher. Therefore, these higher prices always drag EZ-Pleeze behind as compared to cheaper products from their competitors such as Yellow Down Foods. Customers tend to shift to where the prices are lower and at times do not consider the quality.

Financial stability is the other weakness. The company is not currently financially stable as it had invested highly in both advertising, technology as well as marketing. These projects drained the company financially and it had to resolve to firing some of its employees to settle the damage. This is a weakness that frequently drive away not only customers but also shareholders and could at times lead to bankruptcy.

4. External opportunities at EZ-Pleeze

External opportunities refer to the elements that the company can manipulate to its advantage. The first opportunity is that some companies are closing their companies. This is an opportunity that must be manipulated by EZ-Pleeze by taking advantage of the market that was being served by the other companies. This would increase their clients, increasing their returns. Another opportunity that the company has is on the differentiation of their products. The company wants to be among the leading companies in the production of poultry and beef meat. Taking over the market will be a great drive in ensuring the achievement of this strategy. Through its innovation and creativity, the company can come up with products that are very diverse as compared to those of their rivals. This will be a good opportunity to serve the consumers who consider quality over everything else. Apart from being a leading producer, EZ-Pleeze also wants to produce good quality products to their customers. Therefore, innovation will not only help achieve this, but will also bring a new taste of variety to the market.



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