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Facebook: The Cyber Plague

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Essay Preview: Facebook: The Cyber Plague

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Face book: The Cyber Plague

Face book, the most widely renowned social media site, allows people to connect with friends and family all over the globe in a way the world has never seen befor. The website gives people the chance to interact with others all over the world, in a group environment, while still having a personal space or "wall". Facebook has become embedded in our society, with it comes several advantages and disadvantages.

Facebook started out at Harvard University where it was strictly for students to post their relationship status, pictures and add and comments at their own discursion. At first it was MySpace but when Facebook released it quickly became one of the most popular social media sites on the net. It has one edge over all other social media sites, it is addictive. Face book is so compulsive. Instead of writing an essay or doing laundry, people are updating their status or attending an event. Face book has managed to gain billions of users that use the site for multiple hours each and every day, and this is no coincidence.

There are many reasons why Face book is the most addicting social media site, but the most important one is the "coolness factor" Face book has sustained over the years. The current Billion(s) of members would not be spending hours on Facebook if almost everybody else they knew was not on Face book as well. Face book allows people to connect in a way where two people can still have a close relationship if one lives in the United States and the other lives in Iran. You can share photos, write on each other's walls, send game invites, send survey invites, and more. If it was not for the fact that Face book started off low-key as a colleague experiment, and gradually built into a worldwide phenomenon. During the website's early years, only college students could use it. Later high school students could join, then anyone could open and operate a Facebook account.

Although Facebook is a useful social networking tool it does come across many disadvantages. In the student life Facebook has taken over. In classes kids often get distracted to see the next photo album or comment someone posts on their Facebook. Another disadvantage Facebook encounters is that anyone can see your photos or comments. For a young college graduate looking to get a job that one photo of you puking in the garbage can could lose you that job interview.

Another important addictive feature of Face book that makes it far more time consuming than the other social media sites are the extracurricular of the website. Not only can users interact through the traditional social media way, but they can also communicate through surveys and games. Not only can you write on your college roommate's wall, but you can also sell him a cow in the game "Farmville".

The last reason FaceBook is so widely popular and addictive is that layout



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