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Factory Farms

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On a daily basis people go through the day not taking into consideration what kinds of foods are going into their systems. When grocery shopping, most people are fixated on the prices of the products instead of the quality. Not many people put much thought into why these products are so cheap, the reason is factory farming. Factory farming is the "System of large-scale industrialized and intensive agriculture that is focused on profit with animals kept indoors with restricted mobility" ("Factory Farming Definitions")". Although factory farms produce large quantities of food at low costs, the destruction of human health from bacteria, hormones, and pollutants are causing massive problems not only to our generation, but to future generations to come.

Over the centuries America's eating lifestyle has drastically changed, making America one of the most obese countries in the world. This is caused by the massive consumption of meats throughout the United States being produced daily by these factory farms. The production of these farmed meats has increased by nearly 500 percent since the 1950s due to the over bearing want for their meat ("Good Stuff? - Meat | Worldwatch Institute." Worldwatch Institute | Vision for a Sustainable).

The enormous consumption of factory farmed meats is caused by large corporations like McDonald's who have played a big part in American culture, making McDonald's one of the largest purchaser of these farmed meats. With such a large production of these farmed meats being sold in fast food chains, it makes consumption of these processed meats much easier for the consumer to get their hands on. With such a huge consumption of these factory farmed meats means huge amounts of animals having to be placed in small confined areas with limited amounts of space for these animals to roam. Many of these animals are trapped in tight confined areas where the ammonia for their urine makes it hard to breathe or even see ("Counterpoint: Industrial Agriculture Causes More Problems Than It Solves"). Due to the extreme conditions these animals go through it is to no surprise that it would cause an enormous impact to human's health



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