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Fahrenheit 451

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451

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Arsenio Perez

The book Fahrenheit 451 has plenty of interesting characters even thought at first they all kind off all act the same but as the story progresses you can see how each character has its own traits and develops, Also how each character show it ideas thought out the excuse of burning books and living in the society their in.

Their a character that outta of all, I could kind of relate too but without the suicide and the betrayals, it is Mildred Montag. I could to relate to her because she live life just there watching television which I love. Without her television she goes crazy in other word that like her obsession, But in a way she uses television to cover up for her feeling, for me I cover up my feeling through baseball and music like that the only thing I could turn to, to solve my problems or just my anger. Television for me is how I ignore people I don't want to talk to or where I get my information into living a better life.

Although Milfred has sort of an obsession with television In the book I would try to help with that take that obsession she has and transfer it to another place or thing. I Also would try to help her with her cold personality because she make herself seem like the victim of the story in other like the protagonist when she's really not.

The way I would help her out in real life would be keeping her close to her family like she is espacially to her husband because deep down she really doesn't love him because she kind of betrayed him, and when u betray your mate that could break down any family does not matter the unity they have toward each other. So I would help with her cold act toward her husband .



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