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Persuasive Essay over Fahrenheit 451

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Essay Preview: Persuasive Essay over Fahrenheit 451

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Persuasive Essay over Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, is a book that is classified as a Science fiction novel. The setting (which is somewhere in the future) is in the United States, and owning books are illegal. It is also illegal to read not only books, but poems, stories, almost anything. That would be a huge change from today's society. Going from what our society is now, to the lifestyle in the novel would not be possible.

This vast adjustment to any society is not possible because modern society values books too much. Books, including other writing, contain loads of information that oral stories might have incorrect. Information can be lost over the years of passing down a story orally, but a book won't lose its facts. Books are also very important when it comes to education. If text books were not legal, then teachers would have to teach only what they know, or have learned. Preaching religions would have the same problem. If all religious books were burned, then only what has been passed down orally or remembered can be taught. "Are you happy?" (Pg. 10). In this society, it would be hard for anyone to be very happy.

People are too divided, and passing the law of having no books would be extremely radical. Arguments would keep coming up between people who feel different about the situation, and a conclusion cannot be reached. Eventually, sides would be taken and division would become greater. Strikes and rebellions may also occur due to this. If the people were more connected and overall a better united nation, then this wouldn't be as big a deal, but it would still be an epidemic. "Stuff you eyes with wonder, live as you'd drop dead in ten seconds."(Pg. 157). People will not want to discuss the topic. If the government was trying to ban books, the majority of people would rather spend as much time as possible reading then wasting time trying to stop it.

The difficulty of making this transition of societies would be extremely high. For one thing, it would have to cost an extreme amount of money to achieve, and the funds would not be easy to obtain. Also, the entire 'project' would be very time consuming. Finding every single book in the nation and burning them all would take many years to do. Some people would try to hide their book to keep them from burning them all. Others might even be willing to die for their love of reading stories. "I've been a fool all down the line, I can't stay long. I'm on way God knows where." (Pg. 130). Citizens will feel like they are going down a road of no return, and they also might think that it was their fault. A dull lifestyle will fallow, and suicides could occur as an end result.

Fahrenheit 451 and its society could not happen in the modern world. As mentioned above, society values book way too much,



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