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Fahrenheit 451

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451

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Errick Smith

Professor Scott Covell

English 099


Montag The Rebel

In the mid 1960's, in which they perceived it to be their future but yet our past. People were uneducated and naïve due to the lack of access to books. In the world of mindless individuals Montag grew to be mindless as well, not having a expressive opinion he knew nothing else but what his duties consist of; As a Firefighter for Fahrenheit 451. Montag loved his job, but he's no regular fireman that we think of today. He is more like a officer with the authority that his job holds. Montag life is perfect with out a care in the world until he meets a pretty young lady named Clarisse McCalellan. Before meeting Clarisse , Montag just got promoted to lieutenant of the force, he was proud to do his job.

In the middle of Montag's promotion, his life change dramatically thanks to Clarisse. After displaying emotions about losing her job because of her weird actions towards the kids, Clarisse begin to cry to Montag. As she continuous to cry Montag has a unusual facial expression, Clarisse then expose that she has been illegally reading books. As of that moment Montag life has officially shifted, he then begins to become curious of books. With the curiosity, he then secretively began to take home a book from each home invasion(raid). Clarisse and Faber plays important roles in Montag's transformation, after discussing how life is really like with Faber; Montag turns away from the Commander and chief Beatie and is setting out to see what life is like. With Faber on his side, Montag start to recognize the differences between reality and socio-robotic lifestyle. Hungry for knowledge and truth, Faber quotes "I'll never come back". Never wanting to be mind controlled by Beatie and his fireman again; Montag and Faber comes up with a plan to plant books in every Fireman house. Before being able to go forth with their plans, Montag helps Clarisse burn directions given to her by her uncle before the firefighters arrested him. Montags transformation led him to get caught up with Beatie and three other Fireman. Beatie trick Montag into raiding his own home, simply by pursuing him to stay on the force after he tries to reside.

Montags Wife revealed his secret to Beatie, therefore resulting in him having to burn not just his books, but his home " He cut off its terrible emptiness, drew back, and gave the entire room of one huge bright yellow flower of burning". During this horrible time, Faber is on a two-way communicator ear device streaming intense screams. Yelling into the ear piece, Faber tries to get Montag attention to avoid disconnection. Once connection was lost, Montag allow his emotions to take over him in result Montag shoots the Flame



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