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Family Vacations

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Family vacations are always an adventure when you come from a family of 15. What is even more of an adventure is when that same family who typically stays at hotels decides to go on a camping trip. The bright idea was brought up by the second to the oldest as she is the one who typically planned the family excursions. Not many of my siblings and I were on board, but the 15 passenger van that was being loaded up with camping food, snacks and less than nutritious food was an enticing reason to have a mind shift and we ultimately become excited about the trip. Due to torrential downpour that moved three tents of siblings as well as those who made their beds under the stars had to relocate to the families pop up camper, the next day we discovered almost the entire family was infested with poison ivy and suddenly, after the snacks ran out my family decided that trip was going to be the first and last.

Camping in it of itself has potential to be an adventure, but under the circumstances of a night with 15 people confided in an area that is about the size of an average master bathroom was a little too much for a family even with the close bond we shared. The thunder and lightening would strike what seemed like every 2 minutes and would wake the baby up from a sound sleep which would then in fact wake up another light sleeper and it was a domino effect from there until everyone was wide wake in the middle of nowhere at one-thirty in the morning. After a hysterical laughing party it was said that our family just needed a few extra hours of quality time, in the middle of the night, but never again under those circumstances.

After the first day of swimming, hiking and playing outdoor activities we must have had too much adventure as day two we were faced with the families most dreaded “plague” known as poison ivy. Over half of the family was covered from head to toe in poison ivy which must have been due to all of the outdoor activities the previous day as well as sharing close quarters with each other during the night of the storm.

By the second day, the snacks had run dry, the ground was wet and muddy which was not an experience we had when staying in hotels. Since all of our family vacations revolve around food, we knew there was a serious decision that was to be made. With the condition we were all in, no sleep and itchy bodies, the decision was made for us. We packed up hopped in the car and stopped by the store to get some ointment for all of us itchy children. Of course, a few snacks were picked up at the supermarket as well but the 5 hour drive home seemed more like 5 days. Everyone made a mental note that “if” we were to ever go camping again, which was very unlikely, we would need to stock up on plenty more food.

With having so many family members, every day is an adventure and the camping trip was no exception. Looking back, I believe we can all say it was a good experience, but not one



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