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Fate of an Organization

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Essay Preview: Fate of an Organization

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This is a competitive world and every organization strives to be the best in the market. Strategies are the one which decides the fate of an organization. Every organization starts with very few employees and then based on the performance of the organization, the growth of the organization is decided, it can be in terms of value, size, revenue etc. As far as recruiting of a new candidate into an organization is concerned, HR department plays a vital role. Many feels that Human resource development is responsible only for recruitment activities whereas the fact that one must know is that they the strong pillars of an organization. They are the ones who are responsible for the proper functioning of an organization. They need to react spontaneously to a minute change in the environment; like hiring a contractor or a full time employee for a position, during cost cutting phase, lay offs. They must be in a position to act sensibly while hiring or firing an employee from an organization. Unlike other positions in any organization, where an employee is focused on a particular area, HR department stands unique. They know the ups and downs of the organization and they tend to help the organization in bringing every opportunity in favour of them. It does not end with an organization setting its mission and the vision, it becomes necessary to adhere to it and turn them in action else it can lead to disaster. This is where Human resource development come into picture. It starts with its first move by bringing in the right candidate at the right time and to the right position. This seems like a cake- walk but it is not true in reality. It needs experience and smartness in bringing in the right candidate. The function of the HR does not stop with this; After many screenings the selected candidates are brought into an organization. It is the role of the organization to shape an employee to a new individual to adapt to the organizational environment and it is the role of the HR to shape the organizational values. HRs are the one who come forward in resolving conflicts. Conflicts can be at any level and regarding any issue. As everyone knows providing solution to a problem in an amicable is very critical, HRs are the one who come forward in problem solving situations. Person analysis is very important and very critical indeed. As the saying goes no five fingers in a hand is identical, the same applies in this instance, no two individuals are same. The level of training to be given to every individual differs. It becomes necessary for the HR to make sure that the attitude of every individual is tuned to focus on same direction for attaining the organizational goal. Every individual needs to be treated well and should be equipped with apt knowledge and skills. Proper training changes the attitude of an individual.

It is in the hands of the HR to provide the set of guidelines to apply to reach the goal and to welcome the future opportunities. This can be done by conducting many personal development workshops to all employees in the organization. HR helps in scheduling the proper training to every individual based on their strengths and weaknesses. Every employee should be equipped with miscellaneous traits. It is always good to know the business etiquette. Also it is important to know the policies and practices followed in the organization. Many personal development programs help to mould the mind set of an individual and change the way of thinking. It starts with how to handle with every single step in present and in future and to face boldly the challenges. It helps to instill fast reaction time in every individual. The faster the reaction or the response time, the faster the throughput rate. Never can a business allows to lose its potential customers. Customers play a vivid role in indicating the success of every organization. Every Individual in the organization should be taught to deal with the different types of customers. Losing a customer will lead to high risk for the organization. Controlling personal emotions, feelings, temper is essential and is to be sowed deep into the minds of every employee. Personal development workshops would enhance the courage to face the customers, competitors in the market and the clients. At the same time, possessing courage does not solve all the problems. Every individual should be given exact technical and functional training to help them in providing solution to the problem and not to repeat the same blunder in future; And to say, again the level of technical and functional training to be given differs from individual to individual. Knowledge transfer sessions would help to make sure every individual is on par with every other.

As said before, Knowledge transfer sessions would improve the ability of an individual to react to the circumstances. But how to do with proper utilization of the resources provided is the question here. HRs have the capability of doing this. They have the potential to judge the number of human resources to be utilized at a time for training without disturbing the productivity of an organization. HR help in scheduling Knowledge transfer sessions to all the employees. Knowledge transfer sessions are scheduled at different levels and It does not necessarily mean only technical aspects of an organization. Also knowledge transfer does not necessarily mean a flow of knowledge from higher level management to lower level management, it can be vice versa. The talent possessed by a person differs. The talents can be exposed and shared to others in the team . The hidden talents can be explored and can be brought to lime light. Trainings also can be given by bringing in the experts from different organization. HRs help the higher level management in conducting brainstorming sessions to bring out the ideas. Ideas of every participants need to be supported and the best feasible solution can be implemented. This would enable team involvement and would avoid from building inferiority complex. Also would enable different approaches and provide different solution to the same problem. Apart from Knowledge transfer sessions, HR help managers in implementing knowledge databases which can be



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