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Finding Our Humanity with Ai

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Essay Preview: Finding Our Humanity with Ai

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Katherine Fernandez

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Chapter 1 assignment

The article, Finding Our Humanity With AI, talks about the fears AI causes to humanity because of its advance technology. Some of which it’s being used today like, “in real-time traffic apps, shopping recommendations from online stores, fraud-detection notices from banks and even medical diagnostic tests” (Thierer & Skees, 2018). AI causes many concerns that create fear, which are replacement of humanity by using robots and discrimination against women and minorities. Discrimination against women and minorities is something to be alarmed of because AI generate information based on old data, therefore, creating more biased.  These fears of humanity replacement and discrimination have alarmed some scholars who are insisting that “we need a new "Federal Robotics Commission" to help guide AI's development (Thierer & Skees, 2018)) before it becomes something uncontrollable. On the other hand, AI can help humanity identify bias in our society. “AI can help solve this problem by removing some of our unconscious preferences and cataloging these biases to start conversations.” (Thierer & Skees, 2018). AI if used properly, can help us fix most of our problems by eliminating bias and generating better and more objectives solutions.

The diversity myth that has been addressed is the myth 1: Diversity = Women + Minorities, which states that “Diversity includes everyone. All of us, for example, bring different talents and perspectives to school and work. This includes White males.” (Bucher, p.24). The way the article addresses the myth is by making a point of the importance of diversity, which includes minorities and women to which AI can be lacking because of the old data that has been used.  


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