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Ford Critique

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1. Ford Motor Company has been in the industry for over 100 years. Ford Motor Company has recently revamped their supply chain. They now are using a flexible manufacturing system with Just in Time delivery for supplies. Ford was able to create the first moving assembly line and over the last 100 years, they have been able to make all aspects better. They have increased most plants to be able to produce at least four different models to allow for greater adaptability at their plants. They will use nine different basic blueprint models to help each plant adapt to what they need to supply from that particular plant. Ford has also revamped relations with suppliers to help create a just in time model for their factories to flow on. They are able to order parts in order of when they will be needed on their

2. Ford Motor Company has created supplier campuses. This has allowed their supplier chain to become more optimized. They are able to coordinate with their suppliers on when they will need certain components to allow the required items to be delivered just in time. They have downsized the number of suppliers that they get parts and supplies from. This allows the company to have a more streamlined process and to ability to have capable suppliers to provide entire vehicle parts.

3. Ford has taken an innovative approach to suppliers. They have streamlined their system to decrease the number of suppliers. This has helped to decrease their transportation and inventory costs. Ford is also working on multiple initiatives to increase their transparency and responsibility in raw material sourcing and expect their suppliers to do the same. Ford has implanted a customer satisfaction campaign. This has helped to streamline the production and to help monitor quality and satisfaction.

4. Ford is creating new streamlined processes to help reduce costs associated with inventory. They have created supplier parks that allow their suppliers facilities nearby the Ford plants. This has logistically reduced transportation costs and improved timing for the plant’s production cycles. They also have implemented plans to align suppliers and make long-term arrangements to show their commitment to their suppliers. Ford Motor Company also implanted in-house technology to help their communication within the company, suppliers, and globally.

5. With new initiatives to help draw on good working relationships with suppliers, Ford will remain an industry giant. Supplier performance has dramatically increased over the last few years. The PACE program helps Ford support suppliers while also attempting to reduce carbon –dioxide emissions and waste. The tools Ford has offered allow suppliers to track the footprint they have on the Earth.

6. Ford has had multiple scandals over the years. Ford Motor Company has multiple allegations over the years for environmental impacts. More recently, they have been accused of rigging vehicles to pass emission



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