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Global Warming

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Essay Preview: Global Warming

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Global Warming

Have you ever seen the film An Inconvenient Truth made by the former president candidate Al Gore? Some people may think it is just a horror film and it is used to earn large amount of money. But the truth is if we don't take it seriously, the scene and hypothesis in the movie will become true. "The increasing sea level, the large amount of melted ice, and the death of many precious animals" (Gore 3) will not be a nightmare for us anymore. Can you feel that the world is becoming warmer? And the four seasons are no longer changing so obviously? You might wonder what causes these phenomenons to happen. Global warming is the answer.

Global warming may have become the most complex problem in the world. But what is global warming? Global warming refers to the period of time when the Earth's atmosphere and ocean temperature rise. "Over the past 100 years, the global average surface temperature rose by 0.74C (33F)" (Ebi). What's worse, the scientific community also found "in the past 50 years, the speed of climate change is 100 times quicker than it was in the past"("Global Warming"), which is largely caused by human activities. In order to arouse more public attention and effective measures to prevent this severe problem, I would like to talk about the cause, effects and solution of global warming.

Firstly, everything has its reason to exist. What is the cause of global warming? There are many answers for that such as "atmospheric pollution, marine ecosystem degradation, land erosion, desertification and other damages" ("Global Warming"). But I will mainly talk about two leading reasons. The first important cause is the fast growth of population. As the population increases, the carbon dioxide people breathe out will also reach a high level. With the damage to the rain forests, little carbon dioxide will be transferred into oxygen. And this will directly result in an increase in the atmospheric carbon dioxide. Therefore, the carbon dioxide "greenhouse effect" will form and it will make it even harder for the heat to spread. So this directly affects the Earth's climate and makes the temperature to rise. At the same time, it is also a serious threat to the balance of the natural and ecological environment. In return, this may make the environment even harder to return to the normal standard.

The other important cause I would like to talk about is the air pollution. With the fast development of modern industry and technology, the human society has developed to a new level, but every coin has two sides, the bad sides behind the fast speed has also revealed to us. Remember "the great smog of 1952" happened in London, and the severe acid rain pollution, these are all the represents of air pollution. With regard to global climate change research group, the more pollution people release, the harder for the heat to spread, and the higher the earth temperature will be.

Secondly, the global warming's impact on us is obvious. The climate becomes warmer, glaciers in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Arctic Ocean start to melt, and the sea levels will rise. The increased water surface area will cause a major increase in evaporation, and the prolonged rainy season, floods will become more frequent. Next, I will tell you two bad effects of global warming.




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