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Gm588 - Final Project Proposal Outline

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Essay Preview: Gm588 - Final Project Proposal Outline

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GM588 Final Project Proposal Outline

1. Partnership for incubating Telecommunications projects in FRANCE


3. Background

ALCATEL FRANCE, is the #1 telecommunications equipment provider in France with more 10 offices and approximately 150 employees with revenue of $75 billions USD annually.

-Alcatel France found its calling: supplying high-tech equipment for telecommunications networks. Supplying service providers, the company's core carrier unit offers network switching and transmission systems for wireline and wireless networks, terrestrial and submarine optical systems, microwave radio products, and fixed access equipment. Its enterprise division provides corporate and government clients with unified communications systems, data networking gear, and contact center systems. Alcatel-France's application division develops IP television, payment, messaging, and mobile TV software. The company's services range from application and systems integration to managed services and the challenge for Alcatel France is to provide proactive service assurance to verify service quality, detect service degradation, determine the root-causes, and correct the root-causes before custom¬ers are affected. This is accomplished by prioritizing and automating corrective actions according to the importance of the customer and the type of services affected.

Alcatel-France is uniquely positioned to provide these ca¬pabilities and implement the required and essential envi¬ronment for effective service quality management.

4. Introduction to the Problem

It identifies network performance issues that impact customer service and automatically isolates those problems through correlation. It helps you manage end-to-end quality of service from a customer's perspective. It also allows you to reuse key performance indicators and key quality indicators across services and products. Lastly, it helps you drill down to the service elements that are responsible for quality degradations. Apart from Operations, a set of standard reports and tools for different user communities (Engineering, Capacity Planning, Customer Care, Marketing) are also available.

5. Opportunities

Many enterprises today use 3G mobile handsets, smartphones and 3G-enabled laptops to mprove the mobility and efficiency of their workforces. The convenience afforded by these devices has quickly made anytime, anywhere multimedia communications an integral part of everyday life. And many business users increasingly rely on their mobile devices even when they are in the office -- often accessing e-mail and other crucial information needed to conduct business.

Unfortunately, many business subscribers cannot make simple voice calls or access mobile data services while at work, due to coverage limitations.

Recent surveys show that over 60 percent of mobile subscribers complain about poor service in the workplace, and this problem is going to get worse as 3G data usage increases among business users.

How to provide cost-effective in-building business coverage has always been a challenge for mobile service providers. Penetrating buildings from the outside is difficult because signal strength significantly decreases when travelling through the walls and windows. This leads to poor voice and data service quality.




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