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Project Management Outline

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Discussing The Super Duper XXII Computer and Cell Change Out-Project, I will explain the various roles for which my team and I are responsible. During the lifecycle of the project, we will execute the objective and project plan essential in the competition of this specified project. The purpose of the roles, reporting relationship of the roles, the plethora of skills, qualifications, and the amount of experience required for each role or position is outline.


I. Define objective of project.

A. Project's environment related to:

1. Cultural/social environments

2. International/political environments

3. Physical environments

B. Define management of project.

1. How to plan operations

2. Organize operations

3. Staff the operations

4. Execute the operations

5. Control the operations

C. Necessary Interpersonal Skills

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II. Gantt Chart and WBS

A. Research and define PERT, Gantt, and CPM Charts

1. Project planning

2. Project scheduling

3. Project control

B. Advantages and Disadvantages of PERT, Gantt, and CPM Charts

1. Assist in monitor and control

C. Create Schedule for Each Major Task of Project

1. Use WBS

D. Chose Gantt chart for Project Scheduling and Construct Network

III. Define the Roles of the Project Team

A. Define the Roles

B. Responsibilities

C. Reporting Relationships

D. Skills, Qualifications, and Experience Required

IV. Develop WBS for Project

A. Deliverables



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