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High Salary

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Many people object to a great salaries for Athletes. It is clearly true that professional athletes expect finnancial compensation. The professional athletes usually get paid annual salaries wheter they perform or not. Salaries can be so high that some people get angry about them.

We need to take into account the fact that being a professional athlete worth for a high salary. Theres many reason of it. The reason of it is the time for training and practicing take a lot. How they perfect their move or technique took a very long time. They do entertaint people. Many people enjoy watching sports rather than enter the field them self, the tickect and sport broadcasting channel do earn a lot. The risk of injury is high. Being an athlete means that they need to have a good physics and always in a good condition, the risk for injuries while performing in the field is bigger than an ordinary work. They shoulder more responsibility than common people. Being a pro athlete means you bring your own country name to the field, the best performance and a good result make a good present for the country.

However, if we look at sport as a bussines, sports is limited. If we compare it with a car dealership, the only way for the sport bussinessman holder to develope his bussines is by winning the game. To win and continue defeat competitors, the team must recuit top players. Unlike car dealership who wants to make a bigger profit, they might just expand the bussines by hiring more sales staff. These kind of bussines (sport bussines) are very scarce.



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