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How to Do a Teaching Plan

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Essay Preview: How to Do a Teaching Plan

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Lesson Plan

Subject Title : Anatomy and physiology

The heart Circulatory Pathway: Circulatory and Systemic circulation

Student Teacher :xxxxx

Supervisor /Assessor : xxxx

Level of audience :Diploma of Nursing Programme (Student Nurse Year 1, Semester 1)

Mode of teaching :Lecture

Date/Time/Venue :18th of August 2011/1400-1500/ room 1.10(SR4)

Subject description :The heart circulatory system consists of the pulmonary and systemic circulation. Pulmonary circulation helps to transport deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lung for gasses exchange whereas the systemic circulation transport the oxygenated blood to our body

Prerequisites :1.Anatomy and physiology of the cell

2. Anatomy and physiology the tissues

3. Anatomy of the heart:

a) structure of the heart


-layers of heart walls

-heart chambers

4. Pathway of the blood throughout heart

5. Heart valves structure and function

6. Conduction system throughout the heart

7. The structure of blood vessel in the heart



- Veins

Objective : At the end of this lecture, the student should be

able to:

1. define the meaning of 'pulmonary' and 'systemic' circulations.

2. explain pulmonary and systemic circulation

3. state pulmonary circulatory pathway

4. describe the pulmonary pathway.

5. state pulmonary circulatory pathway

6. describe the systemic pathway.

7. differentiate between systemic and pulmonary circulation

8. appreciate the importance of understanding systemic and pulmonary circulation in the care for patient with cardiovascular problem.

Date/Time Objective Content Teacher's activities Learner's activities AVA


Good afternoon everyone, I am Maria Ng.

How are you all today? I hope everyone is fine.

Greeting to learners Student responding:

yes or no

1.Before I proceed to our topic today, let do a short recap on what had everyone learned in the cardiovascular system

Show a diagram of heart.

Post a question and choose a student

Identify and name the structure of this heart diagram

Post a question and choose a student

From this diagram, identify the pathway of blood through the heart

Give positive reinforcement

Well done

Set induction

Look at this picture

If you all watch prison break, you know why this guy is running. Let look and imagine what is happening in his body. He needs oxygen to run away or escape. Let me tell you what is happening his body. The heart is delivering oxygen to working muscles and oxygenates blood by returning it to the lungs for him to run. What system in the body he needs to run away from the policeman?

He needs the circulatory system in the heart which consist of pulmonary and systemic circulation!

On average, in every of our body consist of 5 liter of blood that continually travelling through it by way of circulatory system every day every minute and every seconds. Our heart is the most hard working organ however, the heart does not work alone. In our circulatory system, we have two main important circulatory systems which is our systemic and pulmonary circulation.

The word systemic can clearly give you an idea of system in our body whereas pulmonary is the word related to the lung.So , today we are going to learn how:

1. define pulmonary and systemic circulation

2.explain pulmonary and systemic circulation

3. statethe pulmonary circulatory pathway.

4. describe pulmonary circulatory pathway.

5.state the systemic circulatory pathway




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