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How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

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Essay Preview: How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

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How to survive a long distance relationship?

 Long distance relationships can be stressful and tiring. I personally am currently in a long distance relationship. My partner and I have been though a lot of things over the past few years, but we are still going strong. I would hope to one day call her my wife.

I started attending school last august here at Alfred state college. At first I didn’t think doing long distance was going to be that hard, but between her working and me taking 15 credits worth of classes and being part of an organization became a little overwhelming and time consuming. Since school started we went from seeing each other every day to seeing each other once a month. After all that we have been through we refuse to let distance break us apart. Being in a long distance relationship is not easy, but here are a few tips on how to keep your relationship alive:

Make time for each other- Making time for each other is very important. Between the hectic schedules and classes. Making time for your significant other can make or break your relationship. You can’t put everything in your life before your lover. 

Keep in the Loop- Keeping each other up to date with daily issues or experiences is important. Just because you are far apart doesn’t mean you have to cancel each other out of each other’s everyday lives. Tell each other a funny experience, or if someone made you upset share it with your partner. This way you can still receive verbal support from him or her.

Don’t act out of the ordinary- It draws suspicion to your relationship and your girlfriend or boyfriend might start to think that you are cheating on him or her.

Limit Partying-Try not to party or gout more than you used to. You should not be partying every day of the week like you are single. Once again you need to make time for each other. Drinking or partying every night will not benefit your relationship. If you want to drink sometimes try staying home and doing it with your partner through a video chat. This would defiantly help if you two used to go out together all of the time. Let’s be honest if you were used to going out weekly with your partner then you shouldn’t stop the routine just because of the distance. Yes things won’t be the same but you still get that chance to connect.

Video Chat- If you feel the distance is growing in your relationship try video chatting instead of a phone conversation. Maybe seeing your significant other besides hearing their voice is all you guys need. It’s the best you can really do in a long distance relationship. At least were lucky enough to have such improvements in today’s technology that we don’t have to mail letters anymore.

Send each other little gifts- Sending each other gifts will make up for the little things that you used to do for each other daily. It shows your partner that you are still thinking about them. You went out of your way to send her flowers or a card. It shows that you are trying and putting forth good effort to keep things alive.



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