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I. What is your thesis?

a. Overview of my current life

b. The things I will like accomplished

II. Where are you from?

a. Born and raised in Jesup Georgia

b. Small town with limited activities for a teenager

c. Limited career opportunities

III. What things do you remember about your childhood?

a. Spending time with my grandmother

b. The advantage and disadvantage of being the only child for awhile

c. Sleepovers

IV. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals?

a. Being a good role model to my girls and making sure they understand the importance of getting their education

b. Either be a director in a nursing home facility or open a small business helping the elderly

c. Short term - earn Associates Degree, Long term - achieve my Masters Degree

V. What would make you happy in the future?

a. Accomplishing my career goals

b. Being in a good financial status and able to help my family and others

c. At a position where I could travel and explore

My Childhood to My Future

My name is Turoska Miller and I am 27 years old with two beautiful daughters from two previous marriages seeking to earn my degree and began my career to provide a more stable life for my family. I have many goals I will like to accomplish but I will share only a few with you. There are so many subjects I will like to go in debt with but you will have to wait for the book so I am going to share a small portion of my life to give you just a general idea on where I came from and where I am headed.

First off, I was born and raised in a small city called Jesup in the state of Georgia. A city where everyone knows everyone so if you did something wrong, the whole town will know. It is a good place to live once you have retired and a good and safe place for kids. We had plenty activities for children to stay busy and have fun but very limited activities for teenagers. If you wanted to do something as simple as bowling, playing pool, or go to the mall you will have to commute anywhere from 20 - 45 miles. Jobs were so scarce, you will strive to further your education, join the military, or hope that you get a job at Rayonier (a pulp mill and one of the highest paying jobs in our area). I am not saying that living in Jesup is totally a dead end because it does have some perks especially if you do not like the fast-paced life and enjoy peace and quiet at all times. As I stated previously, it is a good place to live after you have retired and to raise children. I personally feel that it is no place for a vibrant individual. I love my hometown and will never disown it because growing up there has made me the person that I am. I am respectful, courteous, and friendly. I have that true southern hospitality unlike people that I have come across that has grew up in the city. My cousin, for example, she grew up in Brooklyn, New York and when she used to come down for the summer and when we were go to my friends' house to play, along speak first when entering their house. I was taught to speak when entering someone's house. Another example, she told me that back in New York, if you did not have a bicycle, people will still your bike and may return it once they were done using it or just keep it. We did not have to fear walking down the street to a friend's house or walking with a bag of groceries, or even have to worry about someone stealing our bikes if we road it to the store and left it unsupervised outside. As a child, I think that is very stressful to have to worry about all these things when you're just trying to have fun and enjoy your childhood. I just wanted to clarity that I do not hate my hometown by any means, I just want more than what it has to offer for my life.

As a child, I rarely spent time with



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