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Mgt 431 - Walmart - Developing & Training Paper

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Essay Preview: Mgt 431 - Walmart - Developing & Training Paper

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Developing & Training Paper

MGT/431 - Human Resources Management

Edward Becker

October 3, 2011

Walmart associates go through an extensive orientation that lets the employee know that they are apart of the Walmart family. Every organization has ways that they can improve their training program. In the following paragraphs Team D will use the five-step process to develop an appropriate training program. The five step process includes the needs assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. These steps will ensure that the organizations training program will be a success.

Walmart employees must first listen to a business simulation that places the new employee in the role of the customer. This exercise helps employees understand the customers expectations and what they can do to meet or exceed those expectations. The next phase of orientation is a discussion of how Walmart is unique in its industry. This is where the employee explores the stores history, culture, work environment, work expectations, and the impact that the organization has on associates, customers, and its community. This orientation ends with an Audio Store Discovery Tour where the employee listens to customers and other associates voices through a headset. The training and development program is an ongoing process that continues to change and improve. Walmart provides its associates with the tools and skills that they need to go as high as they would like to go within the organization. They provide an assistant management training program that is available to all associates. This training process consist of various states that will help a managers be successful. This training is a multi-phased process that prepares managers to make an immediate impact on the stores performance and help provide the resources that are needed for them to remain competitive and successful at Walmart.

There are different phases that a manager goes through that are designed to promote development. The first phase is on-boarding which is considered the learning phase and helps familiarize the associate with the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are required for their current position. The second phaser is the Fundamental track phase which is for performance management. This phase helps the associate to build a solid foundation about their current position and ensures their proficiency. Phase three is the advanced track stage and is considered the career planning phase and provides associates with an advanced level type of courses to prepare them for next level advancement. These phases help ensure that the associate will be successful in their position.



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