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Human Resource Management

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In this assignment I will discuss the primary function of Human Resource Management and the effectiveness and contribution of employees in the attainment of organizational goals and objectives.

Human Resource Management is more than just a department upstairs in a secluded floor where a department sits that has some negative and positive traits. HMR gathers and maintains labor, employment and operations laws that the company runs under to remain compliant in this crazy world. Things change constantly regarding labor laws; this is an important item that every company needs to survive. Through this paper I will discuss and explain the meaning of Equal opportunity employment, Affirmative action, Human resource development, Human resource planning, Human resource recruitment, Compensation, Benefits, Labor relations, Safety and Health, Employee and labor laws. We will compare what occurs on the civilian side of the house, where I work and further discuss how employers use Human resource management in their organizations.

Then one thinks of how Human resources management focuses on equal opportunity employment (EOE), one realizes there are many approaches to this notion, making things much more difficult. Equal Opportunity Employer basically means that every race, color, sex, will receive the same opportunities for hiring practices, promotion possibilities, and religion. Wikipedia explains this as "Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the first federal law designed to protect most U.S. employees from employment discrimination based upon that employees (or applicant's) race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We also see Equal Employment opportunity(EEO), the law s the same as above. All employers are required by law to post the poster somewhere employees gather and are able to read this poster. "The law requires an employer to post notices describing the Federal laws prohibiting job discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, equal pay, disability and genetic information."

Affirmative Action is defined by Wikipedia as "policies that take factors including "race, color, religion, gender, or national origin" into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group, usually as a means to counter the effects of a history of discrimination. The focus of such policies ranges from employment and education to public contracting and health programs". In laymen terms this law covers those actions appropriate overcome the effects of past or present practices, policies, or other barriers to equal employment opportunity.

Where I currently work, the company has a strict policy regarding Equal Employment opportunity and affirmative action both for military and civilian. We pretty much follow the same guidelines. In the civilian sector. they assumes a yearly update and checks their managers for understanding. They have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment and follows the letter of the law and will terminate staff for such practices without a second thought. No matter your position with the company. They have a toll free number posted all over the building to report such incidences and crimes immediately. All employees are encouraged to seek Human resources or call the toll free number to reports any ethical crimes that involve anything related to affirmative action or EEO.

Affirmative action's has come under attack most recently through the news and other communications. It can be extremely controversial in some circumstances, especially in reverse racial discrimination such as denying rights of white men and women the opportunity for a position. Only to be denied possible though because there is a "quota to meet"

Other items worth mentioning is something that truly help companies grow and expand is Diversity of course, this is defined as all the ways individuals are different and is present in all job functions. Inclusion is the process of leveraging the power of the employees' individual uniqueness to achieve their business strategy and goals, to be better corporate citizens and be the best in the industry.

Human Resource planning was created for the purpose of ensuring a predetermined number of people with the skill set that is being sought after, are available for a period in the future. Human resource planning helps to identify what guarantees are available to organizations for the available resources that are being recruited for any company looking to strategic objectives. Recruitment in this phase is critical, "Recruitment refers to organizational activities that influence the number and types of applicants who apply for a job and whether the applicants accept jobs that are offered". For any company to have any chance, this must be connected to a company's generalality. This allows the business to concentrate its efforts for finding long term necessities.

Many companies have different tactics for collecting applicant. Mine has a standard process as far as Human resources goes. When collecting applications from potential candidates, human resources match the qualifications management has listed on the job description and matching it to that job description as what the manager states are precise ideals beyond the job description. For applicants the process is pretty straight forward. The Human Resources team provide the candidates with directives such as markers and descriptive markers showing the candidates where and what information they require. When the application is submitted along with resumes, human resources will send a copy to the hiring managers while filing the primary copy in the records system which will look for other possible fit for this potential candidate.

Human resource selection is the final process in the Human resources planning process. This is where the decision to pick candidates that matches your criteria to fill an open position. When the decision is made to on selecting a candidate, the hiring manager must be sure this is the right candidate they are searching for. Hiring a new employee costs the company money, such as payroll creation, training setup, probationary periods and evaluations are all items that must be considered. Check lists are important in this section of the process.

The hiring process is stringent that all managers follow. There is the review period where the hiring managers review all resumes and establish the candidates that will move to the next phase, followed by the short phone call interview by Human resources using a set of questions to weed out the candidates that are not at the level required by the hiring manager and position class for which they are applying; the third phase is where the candidates meet the hiring manager, and the team they would potentially work with. This is



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