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Importance of Paypal to Ecommerce Business in Bangladesh

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Essay Preview: Importance of Paypal to Ecommerce Business in Bangladesh

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Importance of PayPal to Ecommerce Business in Bangladesh

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 I would like to thank everyone who participated, helped directly and indirectly to conduct this research. Especially I would like to thank my super visor DR. MD. FARUQUE HOSSAIN. He really put his best efforts to finish this research. I also appreciate his all suggestions to make this research paper beautiful. Authors who allowed me to cite their research paper and those who sent me research paper are greatly appreciated. I also did not forget who gave their valuable time while completing online survey. I appreciate their valuable time and appropriate answers. At the end, I want to give special thanks to my parent who sent me to this university and that’s why I got such type wonderful opportunity to make a research paper.


1.        Introduction        3

1.1        Literature Review        3

1.2        Justification        4

1.2        Objectives        4

1.3        Hypothesis        4

1.4        Limitation of the study        4

2.  Research design and methods        5

2.1        Sample Size and Selection of sample        5

2.2        Sources of data        5

2.3        Collection of data        5

2.4        Analysis of data        5

3.        Result and discussion        6

3.1        Data Presentation        6

3.2        Data Description        6

3.3        Data Interpretation        7

4.3 Recommendation        8

5. References            ________________________________________________________________9


This research paper aims to find out the reason why do we need PayPal for ecommerce business in Bangladesh. It investigated the factors affecting the ecommerce business in Bangladesh. The study population was not too big , 43 respondents only. To achieve the objectives of this research paper, questionnaires were developed and distributed. All data were analyzed using Excel package software. Overall analysis was based on description statistics i.e. frequency distribution. The result was as expected without PayPal; Ecommerce will not expand at an accelerated level. This paper also recommends taking big population for more accurate result.

  1. Introduction

Ecommerce is the fastest growing business in this decade. It is growing at an accelerated rate. People are getting used to online shopping. It has changed the concept of traditional shopping. Life has become easier than before. But Ecommerce did not grow equally in all countries like in underdeveloped and developing countries. There are many reasons behind of this reason. Due to lack of to debit or credit card access, payment flexibility and cultural trends making payment though internet seems does not easy in Bangladesh whereas it seems easy like in USA, UK , CA etc. but it is not easy if one is living in Bangladesh. 65% ecommerce payments are done through PayPal (Flood et al., 2006). Unfortunately, PayPal is not authorized to Bangladesh. PayPal is very important for expanding ecommerce business in Bangladesh.  

  1. Literature Review

We live in modern business era. Due to time constraints, people love to do online shopping and some businesses have been formed based on internet (Islam and Hossain, 2012). Ecommerce is the fastest growing business and people are getting used to it (Mohiuddin, 2014). But Ecommerce is not growing in Bangladesh at that level due to payment method constraints (Uddin and Akhi, 2014). PayPal is world’s most popular payment gateway. To buy online something, the most preferred payment gateway is PayPal (Nanehkaran, 2013). Unfortunately we are not having PayPal yet. Due to lack of credit card access to the Bangladeshi people, they are interested but could not buy online product or services. It is not only shopping issues but also people who are in Ecommerce business because international clients prefer to pay via PayPal. Due to PayPal limitations, taking payment and shopping online is now a big issue. In result, we are not growing at that level in ecommerce business (Ahammad et al., 2007).

  1. Justification

It is the most talked issue in the recent days. People who are involved in the online businesses, they are in big trouble due to not having PayPal in our country. Most of online payments are done though PayPal. Many attempts were unsuccessful to convince PayPal to start their service in Bangladesh. As a result online ecommerce business did not grow in Bangladesh at that level as it has the actual growth in other counties. This is the emerging issue in Bangladesh. Solution of this problem can give the ample opportunity to competitive with other countries in ecommerce business.

  1. Objectives

The objectives of this research are to find out the relationship how closely related ecommerce with PayPal and importance of PayPal in the ecommerce business in developing and underdeveloped counties like in Bangladesh. Why Bangladeshi people need PayPal badly and also to discuss the consequences of PayPal.

  1. Hypothesis

In this research, it will be predicted what we are losing not for having payment gateway for ecommerce business in Bangladesh. This research will also identify the relationship between online payment and ecommerce business. Also will find out the percentage of online shopping in respect to local shopping.



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