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Improvements in the Community

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Improvements in the community

Stop and ask yourself how have I helped my community in the past year and how can I improve it. Construction doesn't stop all over Houston especially in our community, should be called the city of construction causing accidents, slowing down traffic, and instead of making new roads the city just patches the road . Poverty keeps growing by the minute putting more people out in the streets, more prostitution and drug dealing in every corner. The schools are the same as they were 40 years ago maybe even worse schools coming apart or just putting trailers in the school lot. Teachers teaching the same material not taking the time to upgrade and bad parking around the schools taking 10 minutes from the parking lot to class.

All over our community construction is being done even if it doesn't need it. Example fixing five streets in a neighborhood just because three of the five streets are causing accidents by the potholes in the middle of the street every fourteen feet. A personal example is getting to HCC it's a mission by all the construction being done in every street putting cones all over the street causing accidents left and right. Slowing traffic down every day making people late to where they have to go example students take 15 minutes just to get to school parking even though they are right around the corner latterly .Construction fixing one street and the next one they just patching up the pot holes now making them unnecessary bump on the road.

Day by day at least five people lose their job not including the people's families that they have to support putting more homeless out in the street and with this economy it is hard just to find a job, making job opportunity's more available would be a very helpful opportunity for this economy. Making mainly woman and a few men think the only way to go is towards prostitution lowering their standards and self to the lowest but they know they have to make an income somehow. Some choose prostitution but some decide to sell drugs in the streets since they see it is easy money very quick but dirty money will never get clean that's why most drug dealers are dead or in jail.

It's sad when an elementary student gets out of class and sees couple of men drinking close by in a bar. Getting these schools in better locations or shutting down the bars close by. Reconstructing most old schools not using trailers as classrooms little kids walking out in the open by themselves without an adult by their side. Hiring teachers who actually want to teach our kids and not just have a job to get paid and go by every month not caring for their students. Upgrading every couple months learning new material and new strategies. College students struggle just to keep up with payments, classes, life. When all these colleges and universities are trying to overcharge on parking or make parking far from



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