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India on Teen Talaq

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Essay Preview: India on Teen Talaq

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Many of mine especially Muslim friends are outraging against my support to the Supreme Court decision on Teen Talaq. Let me clarify you guys about few points, first of all, I will suggest you guys read and educate yourself about why supreme court has given this decision. There are many people who believe in this hypothetical theory of political influence though that can be partly true. How does it make a difference?. The decision in itself is so bold, right and true one should not question it.

Furthermore, I hereby give an open invitation to those who are outraging or not on the same par of thoughts in which I am on this decision. Please, my dear friends call me and make me understand why you are against the decision my number "9958055732 or 7004276305".

I have read enough to convince you and I am very sure you know and read nothing regarding this topic but the thing is you have to outrage just because you have to without knowing anything.

Now, this is my time to outrage so listen to me properly now if you have the balls to listen. Do you know on grounds of which cases supreme court has taken the step no you don't know?. Do you know how many pages are there in that decision manual no you don't know?. Do you know names of those females who fought for this no you don't know? Do you even know how many females were fighting for no or may be this you will know because of your best source of information available to you according to your intellect level i.e. Facebook and WhatsApp. Since I have asked you these questions you will now try to find some answer that's actually really good. You must do that but if you would have done that before outraging against me or against the decision that would have been far better. Now for those who call themselves the protector of Islam and a true Muslim sir you are the ones who take dowry which not a bit permissible in Islam you ruined Islam because of your personal benefits should I tell more so listen you are the guys who disrespect women by looking at them and treating them not more than a mere object {some of the things I don't want to discuss here otherwise I would have naked your thoughts and this itna to chalta hai attitude (this much is permissible) right here right now} just because it gives you pleasure where is Islam and your Islamic teachings and thoughts at that exact point in time. Don't even think that I don't know you before outraging or heading up on Islamic issues be a good and true Muslim that will be enough.

Do your homework and come back to me and let's have a talk and let me see what answers you have for my questions.

May Allah teach you the true Islam and may you understand the true Quran blessings brothers.

Yours Brother from another Mother




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